5 Reasons Why Foreign Degree is Better Than Indian Degree | Foreign Vs Indian Degree

Foreign Vs Indian Degree- Every other neighbour’s son or daughter is abroad, pursuing one degree or the other. While most school students are planning for a graduate degree from Harvard or Columbia, some graduate students are looking for scholarships to get into Caltech or London School of Economics. The main question is that why is there such a strong preference for a foreign degree rather than an Indian degree in our society. Why foreign degree is better than Indian degree? Why is it that our youth is constantly involved in the foreign vs Indian degree comparison?

It is true that a foreign degree does not work like magic beans. Any degree holder has to work hard in order to achieve success. There is no short cut to success. However. if we look at foreign vs Indian degree, foreign degrees are in demand in the job market. There are several reasons behind this inclination towards foreign degrees. The name and fame of any given foreign country and university is one thing. But there are more serious benefits of a foreign degree as compared to an Indian degree.

Foreign Vs Indian Degree
Foreign Vs Indian Degree

Foreign Vs Indian Degree: Why Foreign Degree is Better Than Indian Degree?

Let us take a peek at the 5 most primary reasons for this business towards foreign degree.

Global Perspective

The most popular reason for desi students to avail a foreign degree is to attain global perspective. If we see foreign vs Indian degree in terms of tuition fee and overall investment, Indians have to pay at least thrice more than what they would pay for any Indian degree. But the difference comes in the fact that the money invested in a foreign degree returns as global perspective. The experience of travelling to a new place to avail education in a new cultural and academic environment is priceless. The lessons learnt by interacting with new people and working with them are not taught in any classroom. This global perspective enhances skills and personality which gives the foreign degree holdder an edge over the Indian degree holder.

Level of Education

The world-class education, that any well reputed foreign university upholds, helps the students attain a wholesome understanding of their field and encourages them to excel with innovation. Students are encouraged to pursue higher degrees in their field of interest alongside with experts and researchers. In the foreign vs Indian degree comparison, the research-based education represented  by a foreign degree wins a point over the Indian degree.

Practical Experience

Most well known foreign universities emphasize on practical mode of education. Hence internships, work with study, research, exchange programs etc are a common routine for foreign universities. These programs enrich the educational experience and hence make a foreign degree more worthy than an Indian degree.

Job Opportunities

With a variety of degree courses and specalizations available in foreign universities, a foreign degree represents better knowledge of the global market, technology and products. Most major companies look for human resource that can interact with global culture. If we compare foreign vs Indian degree, this value is found with foreign degree. Although a foreign degree from a B-school may not always serve the purpose upon returning back to India. This is because foreign universities teach from an international perspective, which is not applicable in India in terms of business amd economy. If you are looking in to work and settle abroad, then a foreign degree is definitely more helpful.

Cultural Growth and Exposure 

Once you travel abroad, you gain many experiences. Experience is the key for all kinds of success. One such experience is that of culture. All reputed foreign educational destinations provide a multicultural environment. Such an environment brings together people from diferent backgrounds. It creates a platform wherein diferent cultures come together, and a higher global culture is created. Just being a part of such a culture, working and studying in it, enhances one’s talents and learning, broadens perspectives and better prepares students for the real world and its challenges.

In this whole foreign vs Indian degree comparison, it is not to be understood that the Indian degree is not of value. But with the growth of global market and globalization taking over the Indian market, the foreign degree has an upper hand.