Cost of Studying in US

Though the USA has made arrangements for International Students by easing the admission procedures still,the cost of Education abroad in some places are higher. For studying abroad, you need to stay there so there will be expenses for your accommodation, food, travelling apart from the tuition fee of the college.  Here is an approximate estimation made about how much would be the Cost of Studying in US if you want admission in some of the top notch Universities of America.

Cost of Studying in US:

The average fee structure

The average fees for a two-year course in public college costs for a bachelor degree will be around 8000 – 15000 US $.  In a private college, it costs around 10000 to 20000 US$. If you want to pursue a Master’s Degree in a public college, it will cost you around 10000 to 15000 US$. The same course if you want to pursue from a private college you need to spend 15000 to 25000 US$. These are the mandatory fees that you need to pay in the Universities and colleges.

Some tips on cutting down the expenses

For minimizing your other expenses, you can cut down the expenses for your food and lodgings. Move into some less expensive places where you can stay. Share the apartment with some of your friends in the group so the lodging expenses can be minimized. As for travelling expenses, if you can take up a place in rent which is not very far from the college then you can save your expenses for travelling. On the weekends do not spend much in excess of your budget. These are the means by which you can cut down some of the expenses while staying abroad.

Health insurance for the students studying in the USA

The Cost of Studying in US includes the health Insurance of the Students. The students need to pay a certain amount of premium to the Insurance companies every year while they are staying in the US. This Insurance safeguards you in case you meet an accident and get injured. The cost of Medical is very high in the US, so this Insurance helps you to get faster medical aid.

The Cost of Studying in US apart from other expenses also includes the VISA processing expenses. If you are going on a student VISA, you need to pay a certain amount to both the governments to get a Valid VISA.

Abide by all the procedures and you’re flying abroad will not be a problem. Get all the legal documents and submit it to the US Government on time.