England’s Tuition Fees Are Now the Most Expensive in the World

Do you know which is the most expensive place in the world to get your university degree? Yes, you guessed it right, it is England! According to research, England’s tuition fees are now the most expensive in the world and the latest hike in tuition fees has made acquiring higher education in the country a dearer affair.

Tuition fees in England

Unable to figure out why study in England is expensive? It is the lofty tuition fees charged bytuition fee in england the universities in the country that make study cost in England so high.

England has always been the educational hub of the world. The quality of education in England has not only been nice but also very expensive.

The average yearly cost of studying at an English university is £9,188 (US$11,425) while the yearly cost of studying in a US university costs £7,568 (US$9,410).  Thus a student in England lands up paying around £2,000 more than their counterpart studying in the US.

English tuition fees are also far higher than the typical fees paid in other European countries. Universities in France charge tuition fees of approximate US$430 annually from its students. This implies that the total amount of fees which is paid by an English student in a single year would be paid by a French student in more than 25 years.

The average fees charged by universities in countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria are also below $1,500 per year. Some European countries like the neighbouring Scotland do not charge any fees from home students pursuing undergraduate degrees in the country.

The Fee Hike

This year brings a bigger financial blow for English students as the fees will shoot up to £9,250 (US$11,500) per year at most universities from this year onwards. This fee increase was announced by the government in December 2016 and will apply to domestic and EU students pursuing full-time undergraduate degrees in England. The government have however asked the universities that are planning increase their fees to justify their hikes.

If the Hike was Enough…

The bad news for students in the UK is that things can get even more turbulent in the future. If the fee hike was not enough to badly hit the financial budget of the students, the English government has also suggested that the fees would not remain fixed but may rise with inflation. A variable fee structure would hurt the aspirations and the pockets of the students quite adversely.

A Sigh of Relief!

Although England’s tuition fees are now the most expensive in the world there are ways in which students can deal with this fee hike and increased study cost.  To make education more affordable for students, universities, government, charities and non-profit organisations in England offer a wide range of financial aids, scholarships, loans and grants etc. The pennies can be best saved by the students by applying for all available financial aids. They must also limit their living expense in England by spending judiciously on accommodation, food, transportation etc. In this way, academic enthusiasts can get educated in the best universities of England in a relatively affordable manner.

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