Names of Exams to Study Abroad After 12th

Study Abroad After 12th- A Bachelor degree is the first step of higher education in a student’s life which lasts three or four years in most of the cases. It plays a crucial part in a student’s personality as well as the concepts he develops during his study. Obtaining a full degree from colleges or Universities allows abroad confers confident and ambitious students, the opportunity to become genuine global citizens. Living, studying and working in a foreign city allows students to become more cultured and independent while also fostering their cross-cultural and interpersonal communication skills. There is a plethora of elite international Universities to choose from which provide students amazing opportunities to get their undergraduate degrees from abundant subjects.

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Names of Exams to Study Abroad After 12th:-

But the universities and colleges overseas require scores of some standardized tests that students may need to take. These tests basically examine English Proficiency. The students are then shortlisted on the basis of their scores and profiles which is further followed by interviews to get through the criterion of getting into renowned Universities and colleges.

Here is a quick tour of the countryside examinations taken to get through the gateway of the Universities there:-

  1. United States of America (USA): With legendary Universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, etc. USA is the paramount option to be considered for higher studies. It permits students through the following exams:-
  • ACT – formerly American College Testing Program or American College Test
  • GED – High School Diploma Equivalent
  • SAT – formerly Scholastic Aptitude Test
  • PERT – Replaced Accuplacer as the standard college placement test in Florida
  • THEA – Texas Higher Education Assessment
  1. United Kingdom (UK): The country boasts of having the oldest and greatest universities in the world such as Cambridge and Oxford along with eminent Universities like Kingston, Nottingham, University of London etc. which makes it one of the finest destinations for studying abroad. The admission in UK Universities takes place through the following exams:-
  • BMAT – Biomedical Admissions Test
  • HAT – History Aptitude Test
  • ELAT – English Literature Admissions Test
  • PAT – Physics Aptitude Test
  • GAMSAT – Graduate Medical School Admissions Test
  • LNAT – National Admissions Test for Law
  • MAT – Mathematics Admissions Test
  • MLAT – Modern Languages Admissions Test
  • UKCAT – United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test
  1. Australia: It is the 2nd most preferred study abroad destination after UK and USA. With a good global reputation, Australian Universities get placed at the top 100 Universities all over the world. It undertakes students with the help of following exams:-
  • GAMSAT – Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test
  • UMAT – Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test
  • PQA – Personal Qualities Assessment
  • HSC – Higher School Certificate
  • GAT – General Achievement Test (VCE Students – Victorian Certificate of Education)
  1. Canada: Canada is seen as an emerging contender in terms of quality education as the country has witnessed a manifold increase in the number of international students in the recent years. Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), SAT, etc. are the examinations through which students get admissions in colleges in Canada.
  1. Russia: When it comes to courses like Medicine, Engineering and Aviation, Russia is onemajor destination for aspirants. The country enjoys a discrete position in the global education scenario for its class of education. It takes students on the basis of the tests given below:-

Studying abroad not only gives a chance of taking in the allure and culture of a new land, but it opens a huge gateway of opportunities and exposure to the students. With profuse amount of scholarships and options available, it is a wise alternative for students aiming for higher education.

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