Scholarships for International Students in UK | Study in UK Scholarships

Scholarships for International Students in UK- Do you plan to pursue a college degree in the UK? Many students in our country dream of getting their university from one of the colleges in the UK. But studying in the UK can be a costly affair. Though quite a handful of students from our country do get through these esteemed colleges in the UK, yet only a few can afford internal studies on their own. There is a few Government aided scholarships that do help out such students but due to the huge level of competition it can get quite difficult to get one.

Scholarships for International Students in UK
Scholarships for International Students in UK

Scholarships for International Students in UK:

You will be happy to know that there are quite a few Scholarships for International Students in UK.

UK Government aided scholarships

Most of these have a very high requirement level that needs to be met in order to apply for such scholarships. There are a few grants as well that cover expenditures that are essential for the welfare of the student. Some of them are:

  • The Chevening Scholarships

This is one type of scholarship that students from all countries can apply for. This is purely based on merit. It Is a UK scholarship for international students. They are awarded to the cream students. It covers the living allowances, flight fare and a large amount of the tuition fees.

  • Commonwealth Scholarships

This is a global scholarship program for the outstanding students from developing countries who require a bit of a financial backing to pursue their dreams of studying abroad.

  • GREAT Scholarships

The British Council is offering scholarships worth over 1.5 million pounds. With 300 scholarships on offer, it is a great opportunity for Indian students wishing to make the most of their UK education.

Non-Government or University scholarships

There are many renowned universities in UK, and you will be pleased to know that in order to encourage foreign students many of them offer high scholarships and grants. You will be required to visit the official websites of such universities in order to apply for such scholarships. The competition is very high here as well. But most of them are dedicated to specific countries or specific subjects.

  • Charles Wallace India trust Scholarship

These are doctoral or research related scholarships given to the students who have a very strong academic background.

  • Goa education trust scholarship

This is a post-graduate scholarship for Indian students wanting to study in the UK.

  • Saltire Scholarship

This is a scholarship to study in Scotland in any degree level education.

Academically gifted students are offered many scholarships by the UK officials in order to help you live your dream in studying in the top universities there.