Scholarships to Study in USA

Many students are opting for scholarship programs to study abroad. Students mainly prefer the USA for their further studies nowadays. Therefore various scholarship programs are offered to students. If you are also looking forward to going for higher studies and want to apply for scholarships abroad, then you need to know of several USA scholarship programs for students. Here are some of the few names of scholarship programs which are offered to students.

Scholarships to Study in USA:

Names of Scholarships for Students-

AAUW International Fellowship for Women

This scholarship is mainly for those women who are not citizens of USA. Both post graduates and graduate women can apply for this scholarship. Preference is mainly given to those women who have valid citizenship of one country other than the USA and also completed their bachelor’s degree can apply for this scholarship to study in USA.

ICSP Scholarships at University Of Oregon USA

This is mainly offered to those students who basically need financial assistance. For this USA scholarship should need to meet up certain criteria. First of all, any non-USA citizen can apply for this scholarship. Students also need to agree to participate in cultural service for 80 hours per year, which is also a part of the scholarship program.

Rotary International Peace Fellow Ship

With this fellowship, rotary selects around 100 individuals from around the world. For this USA Scholarship need to meet up certain requirements, like having proficiency in English and also in any second language, also strong leadership qualities is also required.

Harvard Fellowships in Sustainability Science

This scholarship from Harvard offers various fellowships in the field of postdoctoral, doctoral, and other mid-career scholarships in this field. To apply for this scholarship students needs to meet up certain criteria like focusing on their personal research and writing, also students who opt for mid-career fellowships they should have at least five years of experience in their respective fields of research.

There are many other scholarships to study in USA which is as follows:

  • Master Card Foundation Scholarship Program forAfricans
  • Fulbright Foreign Student Program inthe USA
  • Emerging Economy Fellowship at Wharton Business School
  • UwcInternational Youth Scholarship

Therefore, if you are searching for USA education scholarships, then these are some them which you can apply for. So do not delay, get ready and apply for this fellowship programs and get a chance to study abroad and fulfill your dreams. As these scholarships programs offer wide options to each and every student.