Studying MBA in USA Vs UK

Are you planning to study your MBA from abroad? Are you confused about which destination to choose from the best study abroad destinations? US and UK being the top two study abroad destinations always attract lots of international students. But there are many questions which you must be looking for. e.g. what is the difference between MBA in USA vs UK? Which of the two will suit your requirements the best? Whether studying MBA in USA will help you to grab that dream job or Studying MBA in UK will be more beneficial? Which one encourages international students more? Where I will be able to afford to pursue my dream course?


To help you to choose the best destination for you, we are going to evaluate 8 parameters in this article. So, read on to know the facts and take a rational decision about MBA in USA Vs UK.


  1. World Ranking and Quality of Education
  2. Eligibility Criteria
  3. Job Prospects
  4. Style of Education
  5. Simplified Visa Processes
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Cost of Living
  8. Life After MBA

World Ranking and Quality of Education

Both the countries provide the best in class education and thus attract lots of International students. If we go by the ranking the USA has more universities in the list of top 10 universities of the world. Hence, USA is the most preferred destination of the international students.

US offers a diverse range of options to international students to explore from and decide about what suit them the best. An International student can aim to study from ivy-league schools like Harvard & Stanford to outstanding public colleges like Santa Barbara City College. These institutes are not only diverse in their culture but also tuition fees.US is known to provide best infrastructure, latest technology and equipment to the students.

In UK, you will find a unique amalgam of historic academic excellence from Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and the latest technology available at the new campuses like Brunel University.

Eligibility Criteria

It is very important to check the eligibility criteria. Though the eligibility requirements may vary from university to university but the general norms followed are:-

Eligibility Min. 4 years education after 10+2 (some colleges do accept 15 years of education) 3-year graduation accepted
GMAT Score 720 – 730 680 – 690
Work experience 3 – 6 years 2 – 4 years

So, you need to check the individual website of the universities you are planning to apply for. Checking eligibility criteria is very important as you should know whether you are eligible to study in Study in USA Vs UK. As there are some B-Schools in US that do not require work experience but the top B-Schools want you to have at least 3-6 years of work experience. Also, there are some good B-Schools which accept 15 years of education in US.

List of the Top B-Schools Which Accept 15 Years of Education:

  1. University of Virginia Darden School of Business
  2. Dartmouth University Tuck School of Business
  3. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
  4. NYU Stern School of Business
  5. MIT, Sloan School of Management
  6. Duke University Fuqua School of Business
  7. University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
  8. Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
  9. Columbia Business School
  10. Yale School of Management

There is always room for some flexibility so a candidate should check with the concerned department if there is any confusion about the eligibility criteria.

Job Prospects

Most of us want to go for study abroad for better job prospects after studying. So, which country will offer you better opportunities after MBA?

U.K. U.S.A.
Chances of employment Fair Good
Work Permit Fair Easy

Chances of employment after you Study MBA in the USA are attractively high. On the other hand, the chances of employment in UK are also decent enough and you can apply for the work permit after MBA but it is at times restricted to two years.  With the change in policies it has become easier to get the work permit in USA.

Style of Education

The style of education in both the counties is very different. In USA, the learning system is wide and varied. The students are encouraged to go for optional subjects beyond the curriculum of their major. The focus is on the breadth of learning.

On the other hand, if you Study MBA in UK you will be required to focus on the subject area you have opt for and you are expected to gain thorough knowledge of the subject through classroom teachings. The focus is on the in-depth study of the subject area.

Simplified Visa Processes

It is extremely difficult to get admission into the world’s best universities, no matter which country they are located in. But to get admission into the best American schools is even harder. The competition is hard and the acceptance rate for international students is quite low. Also, the visa requirements are tough and all this requires lot of energy and time if you want to study in American Universities.

The visa and application process in UK has been streamlined and made easier for the benefit of the students. The drawback of the same is that there are more number of applicants per seat and that makes the competition tougher.


Both the countries are multi-cultural with students coming from all across the globe. They provide full support to the international students so that they feel at home and develop as a whole in a new environment.

If you love to explore places which are rich in history and culture with the green countryside, UK is the place you should be looking for.

The USA also has something in store for all; there are different climate ranges, fast moving cities and easy-going suburbs.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in both the countries is on the higher side when compared to the India’s cost of living. When compared the cost of MBA in USA Vs UK, the cost of studying MBA in USA is higher than that of the cost of studying in the UK. The tuition fee is much higher in USA universities. For US, fees can go up to 1 crore; whereas in UK it would be under 60 Lakhs.

Also, one can complete an MBA degree program in one year from the UK whereas in the USA, you have to spend two years to earn an MBA degree.

Life After MBA

What you want to do after you complete your MBA is another important decision factor.

  • If you want to stay back after your MBA, USA is a better option as you can get unconditional employment in USA. Though getting a job is not that easy. On the other hand in UK, the international students doing MBA can get a work permit of limited time period of two years only once they get a job.
  • With an MBA from the UK, it is also possible to get employment opportunities in Europe.
  • If you wish to come back and work in your own country, then choose the one which suits your pocket, time and temperament.

So, when you are deciding about whether to go for MBA in USA Vs UK, just answer the below questions to yourself and analyse your answers to choose what is best for you.

  • Will it help you to rise up the career ladder?
  • Does your own country recognize the program and university you are planning to apply for?
  • Do you want to study in-depth about a particular subject or you want to go for the variety of subjects.
  • Which option is more pocket-friendly?
  • Do you fulfil the visa requirements and other criteria?

Thus, it is always better to take a rational decision after evaluating all the major factors. You can always take expert’s guidance by connecting with us through 24×7 guidance services provided at our website. We are always happy to help our students! We love to see them chasing and then living their dreams in reality.