Tips for Indian Students Applying for Study in France

Here are the Tips for Indian Students Applying for Study in France

‘Study in France! How does it sound? Amazing indeed isn’t it? Well yes, it is. Who does not wish to study in a place where beauty resides? Obviously everyone does. Studying abroad deciding, evaluating, searching analyzing your own potential your own abilities, the whole process may sound like chaos bubbling inside. But once you’ve decided the destination all the confusions fade away in one go. Deciding the destination, and that to France is like it leaves no room for doubts. And you are no more in a state of puzzlement.

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Tips to Apply for Study in France:

who wish to pursue their study from France, must follow the eligibility criteria set by the universities. The admission process is distinct depending upon the candidate’s country of residence, nationality and the studies which they wish to pursue. The students must be clear about his field of studies. He must assess his qualities and his stream of studies carefully as nobody should regret later under any circumstances hence the fixed mind is the most important ingredient for studying abroad.

Study in France
Study in France

There are some popular courses of France that literally guarantees great exposure and success ahead. France is the hub of the fashion industry thus it makes Fashion studies the most famous course to study in France. Along with that many renowned artists are from France only, hence Fine Arts studies are a great option to be studied in France. The actual environment gives your artistic imagination wings to fly. Also International Business, Finance and Accounting are among the popular courses in France as well, these courses do not restrict your areas to work in, in fact it expands. France has a wide scope for Science studies as well, Biomedical, and Engineering is also among popular courses. After pursuing these degrees, students will have many opportunities at the forefront.   

  • A student must prepare himself mentally about the circumstances and responsibilities he would be going to embrace and this obviously includes finances.
  • According to France law, international students are permitted to work part-time for 20 hours per week during their studies.
  • This will help them to produce more finances for their living in France.
  • The estimated cost of living in France is about 430 Euro per month, though it is a small figure.
  • The expenses for the needful amenities like stationery, rent, telephone bills, utilities etc. are the added expenditure which needs more finance Thus it is suggested for the international students that they should open an account in a French bank; this will add interest on the money which they are depositing. The students can open any kind of accounts like saving etc.

Candidates should send their applications online to the university which they want to apply for, as for international students it is not possible to visit the university, so the international students can download the application forms online.

Some important documents copy to be sent by the international students along with the application are copy of the passport, a passport size photo, a copy of the student’s birth certificate and a document of his parent’s birthplace as well.

Along with with this the proof of English proficiency certificate should also be submitted by the candidate, it can be achieved by the TOEFL or IELTS test. Also, there is an essay test as well, the students should make sure that the essay is written perfectly and it must be well researched.

Once the student has decided he must apply for a Visa, as Passport and Visa are two very important things for studying in France. France offers three types of Visa for international students, among which the only one has the post-study work permit that is the third one which is permitted for post-study work this Visa deals with long stay for study. France only permits the post-study work only to the Bachelors and Masters Degree aspirants.

Whereas the recent meeting of France’s President Francois Hollands and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made an agreement between the nations regarding in the stream of education. Both of them decided to raise the number of students from France studying in India and the number of students of India Studying in France.

Together they hope for the students to have a great professional experience. The agreement will allow the Indian students for a 12 month visa renewable and to further renew the Visa as well for next 12 more months.

This educational agreement between France and India will expand the chances of two nation’s youth to contribute and prosper the chances of cordial relationships and to experience the professional world after completing their perspective courses.

PSW has given hopes to many aspirants for the employment scenario, which will flourish both the nation’s students. Hence students should chose France as the destination for studying ahead, with double confidence and passion, as it will enhance their exposure much more perfectly due to the new PSW agreement as to which provides the work permit and it will lead to further growth professionally as well.

Now a day’s online career guidance is also available for students and this has broadened the possibility of studying abroad a lot among the Indian students.

So go ahead and take the wise decision of studying abroad.