TOEFL Preparation Tips 2015- How to Crack TOEFL?

TOEFL Preparation Tips- TOEFL 2015 is just round the corner. Interested candidates are frantically looking in for TOEFL 2015 preparation tips. The different test dates for TOEFL 2015 PBT (paper based test) are 10th October, 14th November (2015) 9th January, 9th April (2016). The list of test centres is given on the official website.

Every year, many lac candidates from all over the world apply for TOEFL English Proficiency Test. Before applying for TOEFL Test, you must know about Preparation Tips. TOEFL Online tutorials, TOEFL Practice Papers, TOEFL Preparation Books, TOEFL Preparation Online, TOEFL Preparation Materials as well as TOEFL Mock Test Papers. Have a look below to know more about “How to Crack TOEFL?”

TOEFL or the Test of English as a Foreign Language is an important exam to get admissions in U.S. based schools, universities and colleges. This test is designed to check one’s proficiency in the English language. It is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), at testing centres in at least 165 countries. The test is usually online (iBT i.e. internet-based test). But sometimes it is also conducted off-line (PBT i.e. Paper Based Test). Given the importance of this exam, it is vital to understand how to crack TOEFL entrance exam. 

TOEFL Preparation Tips 2015:-

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Given the increment in the number of students applying to study abroad in the recent past, TOEFL preparation books are easily available in markets, libraries and book-stores. The latest editions of these books contain TOEFL 2015 preparation tips for the benefit of the candidates.

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To prepare successfully for the exam, it is important to devote at least 6 months to a year before appearing for the exam. Although the structure of the test and its procedure is fairly simple, it is a comprehensive test. And it seeks to evaluate the candidate on four main fronts – listening, reading, writing and speaking. Although there is no pass or fail in TOEFL, it is vital to strengthen these sections. Various TOEFL reference books offer elaborated methods for preparing these sections. These books also offer mock tests for the candidates to check themselves. Listed below, are some important tips for those appearing for TOEFL 2015. TOEFL Preparation tips are simple and to the point. Try to grasp on to them.

TOEFL 2015 Preparation Tips for The Four Sections:

  • Listening – Train your ears to listen at the first time. When you begin to practice on your listening skills, strain yourself to build focus so you don’t have to repeat the recording. Keep yourself alert for key details and main ideas. If you maintain this kind of practice from the beginning, it will prepare you well for the listening section.
  • Reading – Academic vocabulary is the key to ace this section. Try to be smart about your reading. You do not need to know every word in the passage. Skim through the passage, read the questions and if need be , then read for more details. This helps to maintain focus and you learn to answer the questions aptly.
  • Writing – It is of utmost importance that your writing remains simple and clear. Give yourself time to plan your essay so you do not get stuck half way. When you are practicing for the essays, pick a format that you are comfortable with and use it every time. Also learn some key words, examples and phrases to make your essay easy to read and attractive. Learn to use the QWERTY keyboard and practice typing with speed and accuracy.
  • Speaking – Practice pronunciations, expressions and idioms. Make sure to learn the proper use of expressions and idioms. Do not use words or expressions that you are not comfortable with. Practice to speak with clarity.

General TOEFL Preparation Tips:-

  • Know the exam – Before you start your preparation, take time and research well about the exam – format, marking scheme, types of questions etc. There are different methods of how to crack TOEFL entrance exam based on the formats. Preparation for iBT is different from preparation for PBT. So make sure you know which format you are appearing for. Also be sure of the marks that each section carries and divide your practice work accordingly. Different educational institutes require different scores. Make sure that you are aware of the scores that you are required to achieve in order to secure a seat at your desired destination.
  • Time yourself – Keep in mind the time limit for each section. Practice to finish well within the time limit, keeping some spare time in hand so you can revise your answers and responses. Learn to take notes. This is a very helpful tip to excel in all sections. When you practice taking notes, you learn to keep focus on important details and avoid wasting time.
  • Enjoy the exam– Preparation for TOEFL does not have to be dull and dry. Watching films and cartoons are just as helpful. Try to watch movies with subtitles. Listen to music and online broadcasts, radio and television. Keep a journal. Write in it daily or weekly. This will help you organize your thoughts and writing skills.
  • Find a guide – Always take advice from a teacher (preferably English teacher) for reference books and strategies. TOEFL preparation books cannot teach you as well as a real person. Get in touch with people who have already given the exam and acquired high scores.
  • Prepare yourself for surprises – Even after all your practice and preparation, some things can go wrong. Prepare yourself for these unexpected circumstances and do not panic in the moment. Try to stay calm and figure out a solution for your problem.
  • Stay informed – is the official site for TOEFL exam. Keep checking it for information, dates and test centres. You can also download various study materials and tips from there.
  • Mock tests – Try to complete as many mock tests as possible. These are the best form of preparation that you can get.
  • Practice – Practice makes a man perfect! If you give the right amount of time to all the sections and practice regularly with sincerity, there is no doubt that you will clear this exam with flying colors.

We hope that these TOEFL preparation tips 2015 will help all the candidates appearing for the exam this year. Practice well, study hard and, above all, have fun!

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