Top Management Colleges In Australia- MBA Universities

When it comes to business colleges, the most preferred ones are the Business Schools in Australia or Management Colleges in Australia. Why, you ask? Because it is progressing rapidly in all the fields. Surveys suggest that Australian universities have been big hitters when it comes to academic reputation. Also, there are 12 universities from Australia amongst the list of top 30 business schools in the world. And what’s more? Two of the management colleges in Australia made it to the top 10 business schools in Asia- Pacific.

Management Colleges in Australia
Management Colleges in Australia

Management Colleges In Australia:-

However, there are umpteen number of universities to select from; which is why here’s a list of top B-Schools in Australia.

  1. Melbourne Business School, the University of Melbourne

International recruiters make it a note to hire students from this university based on its academic credentials. This university was the first to receive an award for MBA and achieved the highest score in the academic section of this year’s MBA rankings.

  1. The University of Western Australia Business School

Founded in 1911, this university is amongst the oldest universities of Australia and is a part of Australia’s leading research-intensive Group of Eight universities. When it comes to ranking, this university stands 88th in the world according to the Shanghai-Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities.

  1. Perth College of Business and Technology

Perth College is a high-ranking business school in Australia and commits to deliver substantial training to international students. The faculty is amicable and works for students’ improvement on a whole.

  1. P. Jain Global School of Management

Famous in the Asia- Pacific region for its high-quality education, this Indian-origin college stands 5th in Asia, 1st in India, 1st in UAE, 3rd in Singapore, and 1st in Australia. The degree provided by the college is internationally acceptable which adds to its popularity.

  1. UQ Business School, University of Queensland

This university started offering management course in the year 1972 and has gained recognition worldwide. It stands 20th in the Asia-Pacific regional MBA ranking list. It’s now one of the top preferable colleges to pursue management studies internationally.

  1. Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong

Undoubtedly, this university has an international standing with an unimaginable record of achievement in teaching and research. Located in Australia’s most scenic regions, this university has two campuses and is internationally reputed to provide high-quality education.

  1. Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University

Short for Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, this B school in Australia stands 25th in the Asia- Pacific MBA ranking list. The full-time MBA program usually takes a year or two to complete, although there’s a procedure through which one can complete the course early through ‘advance standing’.

  1. College of Business and Economics, Australian National University ANU

Located in the city of Canberra, this school has a strong inclination towards research. The ranking of this college has increased from 14th to 11th in the Asia- Pacific MBA ranking list of top 10.

  1. La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University

With the launch of MBA program (in 2012), this university has successfully climbed nine places in the Asia- Pacific MBA ranking list. In the employer section, it managed to get the top 10’s highest score.  The college works towards providing high-quality education to international students.

  1. Monash Business School, Monash University

Monash is the only business school in Australia to hold the ‘triple-crown’ in accreditation. With a huge campus, this college provides a two-year program in MBA studies. The program has been designed with an option to combine working with studying.

The above universities promise to offer you an international standing in terms of Business students. These management colleges in Australia would make sure that you come out efficient and well trained after their programs.