Top Universities in USA and Europe- Part D

Top Universities in USA and Europe

31. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC)

North Carolina, U.S.A.

      UNC is the first public school of the nation. And it has remained true to its aim of being a crucial domain for research, scholarship, education and art. The reason that UNC is preferred is that, being a public university, there is no compromise in the quality of education and experience that it hands out. It is one of the very few public institutes that offer the experience of an Ivy League college. The UNC education system aims at wholesome development of its students. Therefore they engage in an inclusive and collaborative method of teaching. The students have the space to choose more than one discipline and explore new combinations. UNC takes pride in its diverse community and the exclusive academic opportunities available to them.

32.University of Manchester

Manchester, England

      With a rich educational heritage and a distinguished history of academic achievement, University of Manchester is the place for those who do not stop at the drawn boundaries. Rather they go beyond and change the world order. It is places like such that made the birth of modern computer and splitting of an atom possible. To be a part of such an institute, one needs to harbor an unquenched thirst for knowledge and innovation. While many world changing creations have their roots here, the University of Manchester holds an ambitious agenda for the future as well. This reflects the unwavering spirit of the Manchester community. It goes without saying that the University enjoys global reputation for its pioneering and edge cutting research. The cherry on the top is the location of the University; at the center of the worlds’ most vibrant and exciting student cities.

33. University of Amsterdam (UVA)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

       The core tasks of the University are teaching, research, innovation and social responsibility. There are special emphases on study success during the bachelors and masters and attempts are being made to link these phases of education with research. The University revises its strategic planning and education system every four years in order to incorporate latest methods and techniques and to update the courses. This shows the precision and focus with which the University guides its academic community. The culture of UVA community is infused with motivation and commitment. Both the students and the faculty play their roles in order to create an ambitious environment which characterizes UVA.

 34. Brown University

Rhode Island, U.S.A.

        Of all the Ivy League institutes, Brown University has earned the reputation of the most eccentric and liberal. Once you enter it, you are an integral part of it; it is difficult to let go. The University does not impose any firm requirements on the academic front and generously offers more than 40 academic departments, open to all students. The undergraduate instruction at Brown is exceptional, for they believe in training the students from the roots. The University has a vibrant and diverse community, which includes the highly accomplished faculty. A globally renowned University for its research, Brown is also very rich culturally. Students enjoy an experience very different from most universities and lead a very active life.

35. .Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KU Leuven)

Flanders, Belgium

       One of the oldest and most renowned universities in Europe, KU Leuven is nearly six centuries old. Over the time, the University has evolved and has become one of the largest centers of learning. Located in the heart of Western Europe, the University is in the small peaceful, student city of Leuven. This pleasant little city is rich in history and sophisticated with knowledge. Hence, in here, we see traditions meeting cutting edge science and research. The University is home to many international students. It offers a wide range of courses in international programs. The University has a Catholic inclination and it aims for high quality in interdisciplinary research and education.

36.University of Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

       University of Copenhagen is amongst the most reputed and oldest universities in Denmark. The University aims at training its students for all walks of life. Teaching and research are closely integrated for the benefit of students. There is specific focus on scientific methods to help the students with precision. The strength of the University is its diverse academic environments and scientific approaches. University of Copenhagen is one of the largest research and learning centers in Europe. There are nearly 100 different institutes, departments, laboratories, centers and museums that constitute the University.

37.Leiden University

Leiden, Netherlands

       Committed to the freedom of spirit, thought and freedom, Leiden University is one of the most prestigious universities in Netherlands. It is also one of the oldest universities, rich in history and grown from experience. However, even after scores of years, the atmosphere of free thought and expression has remained intact. Also it has become one of the major attractions for the University, as it gives ample space to intellectual minds to nurture their ideas and theories. The University is dedicated to preparing the students to meet the demands and challenges of our complex times. In order to achieve its mission, the University looks for curious and motivated minds that have the potential to question the essence of nature and human mind.

38. University of Gottingen

Gottingen, Germany

       Born out of the critical spirit of the Age of Enlightenment, the University of Gottingen provides for high quality research and research-based teaching. Great leaders from the past have been a part of this University or have sworn by it. Either ways, the University has inspired many world leaders in the past and continues to do so currently too. The environment of the University is characterized by scholarly pragmatism, sense of reality and keen awareness for the societal burdens and responsibilities of science. These ideals are the main inspiration for the success of the University and for their future agendas.

39. Utrecht University (UU)

Utrecht, Netherlands

       Based in the exotic city of Utrecht, UU is one of the oldest universities in Netherlands, and one of the largest in Europe. The University encompasses stimulating study environment. The education system and teaching is crafted in such a manner that it does justice to the ambitions and talents of all their students. All programs offer personal, activating and small-group learning experience and good supervision. Joining UU for further studies will open the gates of an innovative and internationally oriented academic community, engaged in cutting edge research, and better the chances for a bright future anywhere worldwide

40. Rice University

Texas, U.S.A.

       Set in the heart of nation’s 4th largest city, Rice is a leading research university that inspires groundbreaking research and contributions for a better and safer tomorrow. Over the years the University has cultivated a diverse community of learning and discovery that has produced leaders of various spectrums of human existence. Owing to its unique plethora of traditions, the University is a wonderful place to be a part of. The distinguished faculty of the University teaches via class interaction and research collaboration. Overall, Rice is a comprehensive research university that fosters an intellectual and dynamic environment, producing confident leaders and advancing tomorrow’s thinking.

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