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How to get an LOR?

A recommendation letter or Letter of recommendation is also known as a letter of reference or reference letter. It is a document in which the writer or the referee (to be precise) assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of his/her ability to perform a particular task or function. A referee is ideally a person who is closely related to the potential recommended person in a professional manner either from the school/university or from the work-force (in the case of employment). Thus, referees are in a better position to comment on the suitability of a candidate. LORs are never written by friends and members of the family. These letters are required for jobs or for admissions into colleges and universities.

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Why LOR is so important When Planning to Study Abroad?

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a document submitted to the Admission Committee of the concerned university. It is beneficial for students as a clear image of their experiences, achievements, contributions and skills is exhibited. This document is vital because the concerned University receives an insight of the student.

LOR is used for revealing the aspects of a student’s personality. The LOR is framed by a recommender who knows the student and has observed his/her accomplishments. For writing a letter of recommendation, the recommender should know certain instances for describing the talent of the concerned student.

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How to Get Written LOR for Undergraduate Courses?

The requirement of LOR is the necessity for one to get admitted in any of the undergraduate courses abroad. The LOR for Undergraduate courses though can afford to be simpler compared to the higher courses, yet needs a much-matured writing. The need for these LORs is to judge a student’s quality and behaviour. It is almost the time that a student is setting forward for one of the biggest challenges of their lives. This is one time that the LORs can help make a big impact on the University. The LOR for Undergraduate courses needs special attention as it is the most basic one. Also, the LOR for Undergraduate courses needs to follow few very important steps.

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