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Why Study in Canada ?

Canada is a large country with a lot of cultural diversity. The country has two official languages – English and French. Hence, students have the opportunity to learn a new foreign language and obtain a new skill which can feature in their resume. International students with a Canadian student visa are eligible to work on-campus as well as off-campus for limited hours. Furthermore, Canada’s universities feature among the top ranking universities in the world. The degrees offered by Canadian universities are rated at par with degrees obtained from the American universities. Last, but not the least, the country is politically stable and offers international students safety and security along with an excellent lifestyle. These things are extremely important for students who are leaving their country for the first time. In addition, students can enjoy a range of indoor as well as outdoor activities and make the most of their stay in Canada.

  • Highly recognized degrees: Canadian Universities offer degrees that are treated at par with degrees obtained from reputed universities in USA or UK.
  • Chance of acquiring proficiency in a foreign language: Canada has two official languages – English and French and the country is also one of the leaders in language training.
  • Safe and multicultural environment: Canada has extremely low crime rates and incidence of racial discrimination. 
  • Student friendly country: Canada is one of the most student friendly countries in the world. 
  • Ample job opportunities and scholarships: This nation offers international students various scholarships and job opportunities. 
  • Affordable education and living: Canada is one of the countries that offer high quality education at reasonable rates. 
  • Excellent healthcare system: This country offers the most advanced healthcare facilities in the world at minimal and affordable rates. 
  • Technologically advanced country: Canada was one of the first countries to introduce the SchoolNet program which connected schools to libraries on the internet.
  • Low Tuition Fee: The tuition fees of Canadian Universities are low as compared to the tuition fees of other universities in English speaking countries.
  • Student friendly country: Canada offers students excellent quality of life and it is one of the most student friendly countries in the world.

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Highly recognized degrees.
Chance of acquiring proficiency in a foreign language.
Safe and multicultural environment 
Student friendly country. 
Ample job opportunities and scholarships. 
Affordable education and living.
Excellent healthcare system. 
Technologically advanced country
Low Tuition Fee

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