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Why Study in Ireland ?

Ireland is now becoming a popular study destination for international students because it is home to an increasing number of top ranking universities in the world. Furthermore, students can choose from a whopping 5,000 internationally recognized degrees, experience the most beautiful landscapes in Ireland and make the most of their weekend by planning outdoor activities with classmates and friends. Ireland is also known to be one of the safest and most student friendly countries in the world. Furthermore, Irish Universities are placed in the top 1% of research oriented institutions in the world and students can work on cutting-edge research projects in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Ireland also enjoys the 14th position in the Global Scientific Ranking and 6th position in the Global Innovation Index. In addition, Ireland is home to a number of leading global companies which gives international students the opportunity to work with some of the best names in the industry.

  • High quality education: Ireland Universities offer students excellent quality of education. 
  • Research opportunities: Students can participate in leading research projects and hone their research skills.
  • Wide variety of courses: Students can choose from almost 5,000 widely acclaimed degrees. 
  • Cultural diversity: The number of international students in Ireland Universities is increasing each year. 
  • English speaking country: Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Euro zone.
  • Warm and friendly people: The people of Ireland are very warm and friendly and they will make you feel at home. 
  • Historical places to visit: Ireland is filled with historical places that you could visit during the weekends.
  • Eat healthy, feel healthy: You can eat healthy and feel healthy in Ireland which is filled with local farmer’s markets and grocery stores that stock healthy and natural products. 
  • Become a pro at time management: Although this skill can be developed in any university abroad, it is easier to develop this skill because of the safe and welcoming environment at Ireland.

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High quality education
Research opportunities
Wide variety of courses 
Cultural diversity. 
Warm and friendly people. 
Become a pro at time management.
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