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Why Study in Singapore ?

Singapore is a well-connected country and it is also one of the most populated and well-developed countries in Asia. The country features some of the top ranking universities in the world and is gaining popularity as a study destination for international students. Furthermore, students have a good chance of getting jobs in Singapore after their internship. Universities in Singapore also offer students top ranking courses in various fields at affordable rates. The visa application process is also fairly simple. Besides, Singapore is located in close proximity to India which means cheaper airfares. Furthermore, Singapore Universities provide students with state of the art facilities. In addition, prestigious universities from Australia, USA and UK have opened their satellite campuses in Singapore in order to provide a world-class education to students at subsidized rates. Students could also visit Universal Studios in Singapore and immerse themselves into the world of amusement and fantasy.

  • Courses are taught in English: International students can choose from the various courses taught in English.
  • Lower tuition fees: The tuition fees charged by Singapore Universities are lower than that of universities in USA, UK or Australia.
  • There is plenty to do: There will never be a dull moment for students as there is always something to do in Singapore. 
  • South Asian community: Asians will feel at home in Singapore as there are numerous Indians and Sri Lankans in Singapore.
  • Safe: Singapore has a politically stable environment that provides safety to international students.
  • Anti-racism policy: Singapore has strict anti-racism laws and drugs policies.  
  • Collaboration with leading universities: Some universities in Singapore have collaborated with few of the best US, UK and Australian Universities.
  • Well-connected: Singapore has one of the best airports and it is well connected to most countries in the world. 
  • Job security: Students with excellent academic records are sure to obtain jobs in Singapore after their studies.

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Lower tuition fees.
South Asian community.
Anti-racism policy.  
Collaboration with leading universities.
Job security
State of the art facilities

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