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500 Glenridge Avenue,ST. CATHARINES,Ontario (ON),Canada,L2S 3A1

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1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way, St. Catharines, ON L2S 3A1, Canada

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Brock University, Canada


Established in the year 1964, this university is located in St. Catharines, Ontario in Canada which has more than 18,000 students enrolled in the university. This being a public university has its campuses located in the suburban area. Also known by the name of Badgers, this university has the affiliations with the following well-known organizations:

·         OUA

·         IAU

·         CUP

·         COU

·         CIS

·         CBIE

·         CARL

·         AUCC

·         ACU

The university also gains prominence as it is located in a biosphere reserve and is fifth largest in the country. The focus area of the university is based on coming up with the research based projects which establishes the university as a prominent place to pursue education.


The campus of the university is located at the following areas:

·         Welch Hall

·         Arthur Schmon Tower

·         Plaza building

·         Walker complex

·         Taro hall

·         Mackenzie Chown Complex

Besides that, the Hamilton campus of the university is equipped with the facilities of the modern computer labs and the food services.

The Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts is situated in downtown of St. Catharines which delivers quality education in the field of art. Rodman Hall Art Centre is meant for organizing the exhibitions and art collection.  


Some of the courses offered in the university are the only ones in the country and no other university provides it. The faculties here have the outstanding reputation for curating the teacher-education program.

Brock University has the following departments for offering the education to the students:

·         Business

·         Education

·         Graduate Studies

·         Health Sciences

·         Humanities

·         Kinesiology

·         Nursing

·         Recreation & Leisure Studies

·         Social Sciences

·         Sport Management

This is the only university in Canada which offers the courses in Oenology and Viticulture and Mathematics Integrated with Computing and Applications. 

Student Facilities

Brock University has numerous ways to keep students engaged in the physical and extracurricular activities. Many sports teams of the university get to participate in the interuniversity sports tournament. Cultural and social events are being organized and clubs can also be formed by the students.  

Sauna, fitness center, tennis courts are there and parties and other events can be organized in the lounge of the university. Career services are available for the students through the job fairs and internship programs being organized.


Brock university offers the following courses which are as follows:

·         Public Administration

·         Professional Masters Preparation Certificate

·         Physics

·         Operations Management

·         Neuroscience

·         Mathematics

·         Master of Science in Management

·         Master of Business Administration International Student Pathway

·         Master of Accountancy

·         Marketing

·         International Master of Accountancy

·         International Business

·         Information Systems

·         Human Resource Management

·         Health Sciences

·         Graduate Diploma in Business Administration

·         General Management

·         Finance

·         Entrepreneurship

·         Education

·         Earth Sciences

·         Computer Science

·         Chemistry

·         Certificate in Administrative Studies

·         Business Administration Co-op International Dual Degree Business Administration

·         Business Administration

·         Biotechnology

·         Biophysics

·         Biological Sciences

·         Biochemistry

·         Accounting

·         Accounting


University offers six separate residences for the students which are as follows:

·         Alan Earp Residence

·         Arnie Lowenberger Residence

·         DeCew Residence

·         Gordon and Betty Vallee Residence

·         Quarry View Residence

·         Village Residence

Most of the students are located on one of these accommodations which are equipped with the beds, washrooms that are available in the traditional as well as the modern style.

Designs of these buildings are innovative and are equipped with the facilities that can make the students really comfortable. Rooms are available both on the sharing as well as separate basis.

Teaching Standards

Brock’s university offers numerous courses in several streams which makes it the fifth-largest university in the country. The number of international programs being offered in the university has been rising consistently which proves the worth of the university on a global scale. Focus is always upon promoting the experimental learning so that students are able to get better academic exposure.

Faculties of the university have secured awards in various segments of their teaching and they focus a lot in making the students pursue their courses based upon their personal orientation and choices.

Noted Alumni

Following names have made it big in their respective fields and are quite prominent in their respective fields of work:

·         Kelly Frances McKenna TV personality/Voice actress

·         Kim Campbell who is the First female Prime Minister of Canada

·         Malcolm Allen, Karen Kraft Sloan and Rick Dykstra famous politicians who are also the members of the Canadian House of Commons

·         Daniel Adair — Musician, Nickelback

·         Charles Burton - Distinguished Sinologist and policy advisor

·         Marc Jordan, famous musician

·         Matthew Santoro, eminent YouTube personality

·         Tonya Verbeek won  Silver Medalist for Wrestling in 2004 Olympics and bronze in 2008

·         Vince Molinaro known for providing consulting services and is the New York Times Bestselling author

Former presidents -

·         Dr. Terrence White

·         Dr. James Alexander Gibson

·         Dr. Jack N. Lightstone

·         Dr. David W. Atkinson

·                   Dr. Alan Earp


University also offers the scholarship for the students so that pursuing education is not a problem. Funding opportunities include around 700 scholarships programs which also includes the first Nations, Aborigines, and students who have secured good marks in the exams:

·         Woodie Woodwood Memorial Scholarship

·         Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS)

·         Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) program

Courses Offered

Master of Science in Mathematics and Statistics

Masters | Full Time (2 years)


Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Honours) in Computer Science and Geography (Combined Major)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry - Inorganic chemistry

Masters | Full Time (2 years)


Bachelor of Science (BSc) (Honours) in Physical Geography (Co-operative)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology - Policing and Criminal Justice-Niagara College

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Honours) in Labour Studies and Women's and Gender Studies (Combined Major)

Bachelors | Full Time (4 years)

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