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Sutherland Campus,599 Brealey Drive,PETERBOROUGH,Ontario (ON),Canada,K9J 7B1

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1005 Elgin St W, Cobourg, ON K9A 5J4, Canada

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Fleming College, Canada


A belief in providing the best quality education to the students has made the Fleming College, a top ranked institution in all over the world. The college is located in the central region of Canada, which

Commitment towards excellence is something which is the prime motive of Fleming College. Everything which is done in the campus is top notch, ranging from education to fine dining options. Some major highlights of the college includes the following points,

·         Adopting an innovative approach, by taking risks

·         Gaining sustainable results

·         Development of collaborative results

·         Taking actions based on values

A diversifies environment at Fleming college gives it a completely different feel to the students studying at the institution. Any individual who wished to excel in learning can simply be a part of the institution. All the application which comes from qualified person is easily accepted at Fleming.


Fleming College located in the Sutherland region, which is present in the prime are of Kawarthas, in the city of Peterborough. The campus is spread in more than two hundred acres of area, which is covered with thick greens. Along with the campus place, the place also includes the off-campus residence which is available for the students.  Some of the prime facilities which are provided by Fleming College include the following points,

·         The college also includes some of the finest dining places, where the students can have a good time with their friends.

·         Along with that, a well-equipped spa, nursing and and clinics are available in the campus.


Fleming college in has different departments, which primarily believes in providing quality education to the students. Some of the major areas of study provided by the institution include,

·         International education

·         Different post graduate programs

·         Advanced educational programs

·         Apprenticeships

·         Post graduate programs for working candidates

·         Secondary career training

·         Native education designation

·         Business school

·         School for health and wellness

·         School of trading and technology

·         General arts and sciences

·         School of art and design

·         Justice and community development

Teaching standards:

The professional faculty is appointed on the basis of the level of experience and knowledge he or she holds. All type of assistance is provided to the candidates who are a part of the college, as the extremely friendly and supportive attitude of the faculties are known to provide a top notch level of education.


 Fleming College is known to deliver the best education to their candidates, in the form of various courses offered. From full time to part time, Fleming College offers it all. Some of the most popular courses of the institution include the following,

·         Course in accounting basics

·         Life drawing and anatomy

·         Course on anthropology

·         Course in acrylics

·         Course in sign language

·         Various fundraising practices

·         Anatomy and physiology

·         Course in animals in arts

·         Bio-solids course

·         Behavioral styles courses

·         A course in business mathematics

·         Courses in business report

·         CCNA courses

·         Photography courses

·         Canadian politics

·         Site management

·         Health and safety

·         Course on landscape painting

·         Basics of drawing

·         Course on graphic designing

·         Intuition drawing

·         Course on Domestic violence


Students Facilities:

A well-furnished library is one of the most popular facilities which is offered to the students studying in the institution. Also, the availability of different eating options facilitates the student’s studying in the college.

Talking of student life, Fleming College provides a complete support to the students who want to take admission in the organization, and welcome them with open hearts. The top notch education provided to the students of the campus, make an easy way for a student to transform his student’s life, to a good career opportunity, enabling to become successful in life.

Different co-curricular organized in the campus gives an extra edge to the overall personality of the individual gaining knowledge from the institution. You can also attend the college orientation, to know more about the college and the facilities provided.


Taking of off campus housing facilities, there are different services available for the university. These accommodation facilities are safe and secure, which are available at affordable prices. Things which are included in the accommodation consist of a private room, healthy meals, different cottages and apartments. Different facilities which are offered by the Fleming’s residence includes the following points,

·         A twenty four hour laundry facility

·         24*7 wireless internet

·         Individual mailbox

·         A smoke free environment

·         Assisting staff at the residence

·         Completely air conditioned

·         Arrangement of different cultural and organizational functions


The Alumni of Fleming College plays a very significant role in the enhancement of the community. A total of 71,000 members in the alumni team, which have chosen different career and professional, across the globe, and are doing extremely well in their careers.

Being a student at Fleming College, it becomes quite effortless to communicate with people from different parts of the world. The opportunities, which one gets through networking is something that makes it very easy for the candidature to access his career services.


Different scholarships are available for the candidates who want to pursue a course in Fleming who is interested to apply for a scholarship needs to contact the office of financial aid, for all types of queries. A total of two million dollar is provided is allotted for providing different scholarships to the students. Talking of funding of theses scholarships, there are several sources available which provide the same.

One needs to follow a simple application procedure which is done online for taking financial assistance from the scholarship.


Courses Offered

Certificate in Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training

Full Time (3 semesters)

06 Sep, 09 Jan

Diploma in Law Clerk

Full Time (2 years)

06 Sep, 09 Jan

Diploma in Culinary Management

Full Time (2 years)

09 Jan

Certificate in Sustainable Building Design and Construction

Full Time (1 semester)


Diploma in Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Full Time (3 semesters)


Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Education

Full Time (4 semesters)

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