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Leeds Beckett University


Leeds Beckett University is situated in West Yorkshire in England and is known for the top ranking that it has acquired from the rating organizations worldwide. In 2015, Stonewall’s league table has given the university 51st place in the rankings. In 2013, it was ranked third for achieving the Customer Service Excellence standard which is awarded to the public sector organizations.

The university has its genesis in the year 1824 and in the 1989 it acquired the status of Education Corporation and in 2014, the university acquired the current name that it carries today. The education standard of the university is high which ensures proper exposure of innovative technologies and newest trends that are prevalent in the modern times. Ranks highly not only for the education and teaching but also for the sports facilities offered in the campus.


The university operates through two campuses:

·         Headingley which is situated in the Beckett Park

·         City campus which is in Leeds

The first campus is of 100 acres and also accommodates around 4500 spectators in Beckett Park. Many open areas exist in the campus and halls are used for imparting the education to the students as well.

City campus is equipped with all the facilities which are meant to provide the students the level of education that they want. Student accommodation in the campus is in opal tower and sky plaza which makes living easier for the students.


Leeds Beckett University has four faculties which offer the courses in the following levels:

·         Undergraduate

·         Post graduate

·         Professional development courses

·         Short term courses

For this purpose, the faculties in the university have been divided into four categories which are as follows:

·         Business and law

·         Health and social sciences

·         Carnegie faculties

·         Arts, environment and technology

The standard of education here is of world class and ranking of the university also ensures that students get to have the exposure and practical knowledge wherever applicable.

Teaching Standards

The level of education in Leeds Beckett University remains of world-class level and everything runs on the basis of the industrial collaborations so that students can acquire the exposure and experience that they look for. The sub-committees in the university are responsible for the quality standards that are being to supervise the teaching procedures.

Quality assurance framework and the evaluation procedures also make it possible to maintain the standards. These committees can be contacted to find out the regulations and the quality standards related to the teaching procedures here.


The following courses are being offered by the students to enable them to gain the knowledge through various stream of their liking:

·         Accounting

·         Finance

·         Architecture

·         Arts and design

·         Management

·         Civil engineering

·         Film and entertainment

·         Health

·         Surveying

·         Tourism and hospitality

·         English

·         Marketing

·         Law

·         Education

·         Computing

You may also book an open day to find out why this university is so popular and has been able to maintain the standards in a massive way.

Student Facilities

The facilities offered to the students take care of their cultural and extracurricular activities. Heavy funding is being spent upon the partnerships with eminent theaters and the football associations of the country to promote sports and arts. World Club Challenge matches are carried out by the Carnegie and the annual matches are conducted in order to promote the sports.

The biomedical laboratories have been very influentially providing the facilities for the psychology lab and food inspection lab. New kitchens are there for dieticians and nutritional courses.

Other laboratories in the campus are as follows:

·         Acoustics lab

·         Building material

·         Broadcasting place studios and workshops

·         Communication suites

·         Computing laboratories

·         Film and production offices

·         Landscape resource center

·         Music studios

·         Sports facilities

·         Performing arts studio

·         Small catering lab


Adequate number of students can be accommodated in the halls that are meant for this purpose. Many types of accommodation are there which differ based upon the ownership. It is the Burley area that lies near the Leeds studio where most of the students prefer to stay. Talking about the private accommodations, many of the residential units exist for the same. Two popular accommodations in the city include – Marsden House and Leeds Student village.

The two campuses of the university include the Carnegie village and Kirkstall Brewery in headingly. Sugarwell court in Meanwood near city campus is also used for accommodation the students on a large scale.

Noted Alumni

This university has contributed immensely to the world and society in many ways and it has become possible owing to the achievements of the alumni. Some of the most famous people who have acquired their education from Leeds are as follows: 

·         Famous politician, Phil Wills

·         The hip-hop artist, Stereo Mike

·         Para-cyclist who has continued to inspire the people across the globe – David Stone

·         Guitarist Andrew white

·         Rugby player – Austin Healy

·         Skier – James Machon


Educational funding helps the students to pursue the education from Leeds and ensures that their well-being is taken care of. The following programs of scholarships can be availed based on the respective standards:

·         Sports scholarships

·         Tenancy deposit scheme

·         Beckett achievement award

·         Hardship funds

Besides the above schemes for scholarships and funding, other allowance include the following:

·         Disabled students allowance

·         Adult dependence grant

·         Childcare grant

·         Parent’s learning allowance  

Courses Offered

Music Technology MSc

Masters | Full Time (1 year)

18-Sep-17, 22-Jan-18

Entrepreneurship and Business Development MSc

Masters | 18 months


Nutrition BSc (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (3 years)


Travel Business Leadership MSc

Masters | Distance / Online (3 years)

24-Apr-17, 11-Sep-17

Business Studies BA (Hons)

Bachelors | Full Time (3 years)


Community and Youth Studies MA

Masters | Full Time (18 months)

19 Sep
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