How to Become a Big Data Analyst?

Today, we are moving towards the world that is driven by technology. People are in search on how to become Big Data Analyst. There was a time when Tablets, laptops and smartphones were a luxury. Nowadays, these devices have become essential tools for daily living. As more and more businesses are being driven by data, companies are realising the importance of data analysis and Big Data Analysts. The Indian market is one of the top 10 “Big Data Analytics” markets in the world. But, what is Big Data Analytics? Big Data Analytics refers to the process of sorting, retrieving and analysing data which can be used to make effective decisions.

The Process of How to Become Big Data Analyst:

This brings us to the next important question, “What skills are required to become a Big Data Analyst, Problem-solving ability, creativity, mathematical, statistical skills, and communication skills and a good understanding of businesses are some of the essential skills required to become a Big Data Analyst. Programming skills are also extremely essential. However, the most important personality trait is “curiosity.” A curious person would always seek answers to questions and would be the apt choice for the position of a Big Data Analyst.

Skills Required to become Big Data Analyst:

Now that we have looked at some of the skills that are essential, let us look at top skills that Big Data Analysts possess. Here is a list of the key skills:

  1. Excellent knowledge of different programming languages like Python.

2 Proficiency in statistics and mathematical modelling.

  1. Working knowledge of various statistical tools and packages like SPSS, etc.
  2. Ability to work with Big Data tools and open source software like HADOOP.
  3. Ability to effectively visualize data.
  4. Being well versed with business intelligence platforms.
  5. Competent to work with new data systems like Presto, Kognito and MemSQL.
  6. Soft skills like communication and presentation skills.

Apart from these skills, there is another important skill that is valued by companies -“Data Mining.” Data Mining refers to the use of techniques to simplify and summarise data in order to derive definite conclusions. This would call for observation of trends,  patterns or correlations in order to analyse data in a detailed manner which would help companies increase their revenue and minimize costs or do both.

The key data mining techniques that a Big Data Analyst needs to be well versed with are classification,  clustering, prediction,  association rule and sequence analysis. Data mining, when used along with other tools like statistical methods and pattern identification becomes a powerful method to help companies gain insights into the needs of customers and leads to effective decision-making.

Now that we have a fair idea of the skills required to become a Big Data Analyst, let us look at some of the educational qualifications required to be a data analyst. A background in statistics and mathematics would be helpful. Hence, a basic degree in mathematics and statistics would be good to start with. In addition, one could pursue advanced degrees with Big Data specialization in order gain more knowledge about log data tools and techniques.

Here is a list of a few advanced courses that one can pursue in order to build a career in Big Data Analysis. Some of these are online courses.

  1. Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences – Columbia University, USA
  2. Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate – Stanford University, USA
  3. Certificate in Analytics: Optimizing Big Data – University of Delaware, USA
  4. MSc in Big Data – Staffordshire University, UK
  5. MSc in Big Data Analytics – University of Liverpool, UK (online)
  6. Master of Business Administration – Data Analytics – Nottingham Trent University Online
  7. Jigsaw Academy Courses in Analytics (online)
  8. Master of Science in Analytics (MSA) – North Carolina State University, USA
  9. Master of Science in Analytics Program – Northwestern University, USA
  10. Certificate Program in Data Mining – University of California San Diego, USA

The pay scale of Big Data Analysts also looks promising. According to research conducted by, the per annum salary of a data analyst ranges between 4-5 lakhs per annum. To conclude, Big Data Analysis is a field that is worth exploring.

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