Why Your LOR is so important When Planning to Study Abroad?

Check here Why LOR is So Important when Planning to Study Abroad Admission- A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a document submitted to the Admission Committee of the concerned university. It is beneficial for students as a clear image of their experiences, achievements, contributions and skills is exhibited. This document is vital because the concerned University receives an insight of the student.

Importance of LOR: Why LOR is so Important?:

LOR is used for revealing the aspects of a student’s personality. The LOR is framed by a recommender who knows the student and has observed his/her accomplishments. For writing a letter of recommendation, the recommender should know certain instances for describing the talent of the concerned student. Examples showing contribution and excellence from the part of students should be written in the letter of recommendation. LOR is essential as it makes the profile of a student more balanced. If a student’s LOR is written in an impressive manner, chances of getting an admission into the concerned University become higher. Students face a critical situation while competing with the rest of the students coming from different countries. LOR has its importance as student with low TOEFL and GRE scores can also apply for abroad education by the help of letter of recommendation. In a letter of recommendation, despite the academic skills other qualities like leadership skills are also mentioned. When a student is not present for the interview, his/her LOR serves all the purpose.

How to Write : LOR is written in two ways – Online and offline. When a LOR is written online, students have to provide their email ID and the designation of the professor. When a LOR is written offline, students have to follow a given format. The format for the LOR is provided by university which is followed by professors. The format of LOR covers certain points like student’s leadership skills, attentiveness of the student in the class, participation of the student in different activities, participation of the student in co-curricular activities, participation of the student in seminars, submission of project works, NGO activity, social service and many other activities.

Points to be considered are –

LOR should be personal – It means that the document should contain the name of the student. It should contain details about life, hobbies, passion, motivations and interests. Try to make the document very persuasive. It is the duty of the recommender to frame a attractive LOR mentioning outstanding qualities and achievements.
LOR should have ranks – It becomes easier for the admission officer to judge a student by comparing the marks of several students. A LOR shall be specific when it comes to mentioning scores and comparing with the rest of children in the class.
LOR should communicate student’s values – For example, if a student is applying for MBA program, his/her document should convey the values and passions. It becomes easier for the admission officer to understand the student as a person. The document might tell about how the student spends time volunteering or doing things related to an MBA program. An effective LOR is useful as it tells the story of a student from the eyes of several people.