Singapore Tuition Grant- Know How to Fund your Education Cost

Singapore Tuition Grant

Education is a commodity which has globalised with time. People travel to different countries to study in reputed universities and other institutes. Along with the details about institutes, they also need to keep the costs of studying abroad at the back of their minds. Many people are travelling to Singapore from other countries to achieve their educational needs, and the country has been known for its educational infrastructure, faculty and excellence.  If you are looking forward to getting a slash off in the total educational expenses in the country, you can avail the Singapore Tuition Grant, which enables a student to be more compatible with the cost of education. True indeed, the costs of education are high, but there are some scopes which can enable you to achieve an education at a lower expenditure.

The Government of Singapore introduced this tuition grant to benefit the students who want to pursue higher education in Singapore.

How much cost can it cover?

According to research, the cost of study in the country is about 70% higher for the international students than the domestic students.  So, the Singapore Tuition Grant is effective enough to provide relief to the international students. The Singaporean Education Ministry declares that almost 18% of the students on the campuses of its universities are from foreign countries. The amount of grant is about 210$ per year. Statistics reveal that around 1700 students have been benefitted from the grant till 2014. In the last couple of years, many more students have availed the Singapore Tuition Grant. This is really helpful for the students to pursue their education. Especially, the cost of education is much higher in areas like mass communication, management, and engineering.

Apart from this, the government of the country has plans to expand the grant to over 1.5 lakhs students in the next few years. This will provide support to the students to study in the country. The educational resources of the nation are ample and great.

Who can avail the grant?

The full-time diploma and undergraduate students in the institutes of higher learning can avail this grant. The foreign students need to apply for this tuition grant if they want to avail it.

What does it encompass?

It is important to note that the grants cover only a part of the education costs of the students. This implies that if you are looking forward to studying in Singapore, you will have to arrange for the cost of your living. The grants provide a large fraction of the education costs that covers about 55% to 80% of the total fees. However, this has come helpful for a large number of students. The most attractive aspect of the grant is that the students need not repay the amount once they are established. This may be considered as a free amount that you gain on the credit of your educational credentials.

If you are looking to study in Singapore, you can look into the web portals and check out if you are eligible for the grants and apply for them.