international scholarship
international scholarship

Yes. You are encouraged to apply for as many international scholarship as possible, in any future semester or year that you meet the eligibility criteria. You can apply for the majority of USC undergraduate international scholarship and bursaries by completing one online application (domestic students only).
Each year, USC awards hundreds of scholarships and bursaries to assist students with the costs of university study. They aren’t just for high achievers – international scholarship and bursaries are also awarded to students who need financial assistance or who demonstrate other achievements, such as sporting excellence or community activities (like volunteering or community leadership). There is also an international scholarship for different areas of study or relocation scholarships that support you in your move away from home. A scholarship can provide financial support over the years you’re studying, or as a waiver of tuition fees. A bursary is usually a one-off payment or payment installments over one or more semesters of study.
You can always check online and be able to easily get information about international scholarship. Rather than searching for each type of scholarship for which you feel qualified, they allow you to just put in your preferences and find hundreds of potential sources for free college money.
However, beware of international scholarship scams while looking for such external sources. Some red flags that indicate a scholarship scam are:

One is generally able to receive multiple scholarships. Any scholarships that do not allow a recipient to hold other scholarships will state this in the eligibility criteria. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for the same scholarship.
In DAAD international scholarship programs, you have to get acceptance from the professor before applying for the DAAD scholarship. In the DAAD application itself, you will have 3 blanks where you will be asked to fill in different university/professor names. If you have 2 or 3 acceptance letter from the university /professor. You will be asked to fill as per your preferential order.
Having acceptance from two or three universities/professors will have the psychological advantage of getting DAAD international scholarships.
If you want to go into architecture, you should probably ignore the scholarship dedicated to potato research (it exists). If you are undecided about what your major will be, that’s okay! There are plenty of open scholarships that are not limited by a major or career path. Look at national-level international scholarships for those. Another great place to look is within your community. Your high school guidance counselor probably has a list of available scholarships for graduating seniors. Applying for local awards—however small or large they might be—is also great practice for applying to international scholarships with a larger pool of applicants.
Regional scholarships are great if you have a general area where you’re looking at schools or if you’ve been accepted by a few in the same area. For example, some states have international scholarship funds for in-state students attending one of the public universities (or some list of accredited schools). This is a great opportunity for students looking to stay in-state for their college careers.