Singapore Students VISA – All about the Application Process

Singapore Students VISA

If you are a student, looking to study in Singapore, you have to count on the immigration companies which arrange for the legal documents for you. You will need the Singapore Students VISA in order to get across to the high quality of education in the country. However, there is nothing much to worry about, and the process of application for the VISA in Singapore is quite simple. Today, education has become a globalized commodity and one cannot restrict himself to the realms of education within a single country. However, there are a few formalities and so, you may have to consult the specialists so that you do not get entangled in legal norms over there.

How to enter the country?

In Singapore, you may come across a term known as Student’s pass. This is needed for the students to get across to the education over there. In addition to this, you may also need the VISA in some cases, or if you are from some specific countries. In case you need the Student’s Pass, you may need to fill up the form from the home country. They may use the Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System (SOLAR+). However, they have to make sure that their host institute is registered with them. If you can successfully submit the SOLAR form, you will be given a number which will be needed to apply for the Student’s Pass from your country. You will have to pay the Singapore Students VISA fee when you collect it from the foreign country.

When to apply?

The time for applying for the SOLAR+ is also important. The best time to apply for is at least one month before the start of the study program. However, it must not go beyond a couple of months. The IHL registers the students with the personal details in your passport before you apply with SOLAR+. After the verifications are done, you will have to fill up another form, known as eForm16.

Here, you will need certain documents, which are listed as follows:

  • You will need a registration acknowledgement notice, provided by the host, which provides the confirmation that they have successfully registered you with SOLAR+.
  • Passport details
  • NRIC/FIN of your parents, confirming if they are residing in Singapore or not
  • If it is acceptable, your residential address in Singapore is needed
  • Your email address
  • A recent color passport photograph, taken within three months

You have to take a print of the copy which you have to submit while you collect the Pass. This will enable you to study in Singapore.

Processing Fees

You need to pay $30 as a processing Fee if you are applying through ICA. The fee is non-refundable under any circumstance like withdrawal of application after paying the processing fee.

Issuance Fees

An issuance fee of $60 is needed to pay while applying for Student VISA in Singapore. Payment must be paid via SOLAR+.

So, get your VISA and fly to Singapore for pursuing your higher education in your dream country.