How Important Is It To Make Your SOP and LOR On Time?

Check here Importance of SOP & LOR and also check How important is it to make your SOP and LOR on time?

How Important Is It To Make Your SOP and LOR On Time

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is the most important component in any application package to graduate schools. SOP is composed of four major points

# Key Points
• What subject/course/major the student wants to pursue at the graduate school?
• Why did the student choose that particular course?
• Is the student having any prior experience and how will it help in the student’s future studies?
• What are the student’s post-graduation plans?

A statement of purpose (SOP) should be prepared and formatted on time because it amplifies the application being submitted to the admission committee. It depicts the personality of the student and the dedication of students. Students should prepare SOP before time so that they create an impressive document. The document should contain clear goals and ambitions of the student because this is what the committee members search for.
Preparing the document before time brings accuracy and conciseness. The committee members judge the students with the help of SOP as it conveys the dedication and focused nature of students. After completing the SOP, students should show the document to several professors. The document should be accurate, in style and consistent. A graduate-school application contains test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation and writing samples, but SOP serves all the purpose.

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is also an essential component of the application process. This letter is required for college applications from prior colleges or universities. For writing an appropriate LOR, the following rules should be followed –

Ask the right person for recommendation – Try to choose a person who speaks in concrete terms and has the passion for working.
Give the recommender enough time – Try to give your recommender a time of three to four weeks. It is because writing needs time and requesting at the last moment can bring imperfection.
Give detailed instructions – Try to give your recommender proper instructions like the due date of letter and where it has to be sent. Tell your goals for college and mention the relevant issues.
Ask politely – Never burden your recommended as you are asking for a favor.

The letters of recommendation serve as the deciding factor in the admission process. The right time for approaching to professors for letter writing is exactly two months before the need. Professors as well as the supervisors are involved in many activities because of which prior information should be given to them.
Students should ask for a “general” letter of recommendation and should get it updated before applying to the graduate school. This process saves time and leads to the completion of the document. Students can contact the professor again for updating the document, before submitting the application.
One important reason for preparing the LOR on time lies behind the fact that the professors receive concrete details about the student. Students will have to maintain strong relations with the professor because of the requirement for a concrete letter. This procedure takes time and demands healthy relationship with the supervisor/professor.

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