Best country to study abroad for Indian students

                                    Best country to study abroad for Indian students

                                                                                  Arya Lekshmi Anilkumar

USA is one of  the safest and best country for international students and it is preferable for students to take up courses from the best universities in United States. One of the primary reasons why students choose to study in the USA is the country’s reputation for renowned higher education renowned  programmes. Approximately, fifty percent of the world’s top 50 universities are located in the U.S.

Highly accredited professors who are well experienced in their domain with relevant industrial exposure and have published innumerous research publications incorporated with advanced technological developments and research capabilities. Obtaining a degree from one of the world’s best higher-education systems will distinguish you from peers with similar backgrounds and career experiences and would enable you to stand out of the crowd and demonstrate these skills.

Moreover,the United States has one of the world’s largest international student population, with about 800,000 students every year.Immediately after the completion of their undergraduate degree,most International students every year begin the foundation of their growth and plans of higher studies programs by establishing in most of the top notch institutes in the country.A degree from these top notch universities would enable you to set various career prospects which describes your growth.

While gearing up for planning towards your higher study plans,you can consider one of the options of higher education institutions provided in the country which includes Community Colleges offering Associate Degrees, Certificates, Vocational Degrees, and Bachelor’s degrees.Vocational Schools offering certification for particular vocations that do not require a degree.Colleges and Universities provide anything from Associate’s Degrees to Doctoral Degrees.Graduate Schools offer Master’s and Doctorate level degrees and certificates.

In terms of quality and varied courses, you are given the choice to choose from a huge variety of higher education institutions. Over 1,700 public and 2,500 private institutions can be found all over the country. United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation recognizes more than 19,500 U.S. quality higher education programmes.

Ivy League Universities are well-known as the top higher education institutions in the United States and the world.The pragmatic and practical approach of study establishes a new approach of study.You will notice different perspectives on instruction. Students are trained to observe and analyse problems, before looking for ways to solve them.

Most universities abroad don’t encourage rote learning and encourage students to be independent,self reliant towards pursuing their goals. You will be expected to listen to your classmates and challenge their points of view and as a result you will gain confidence and the ability to organise and present an argument.

In terms of career advantage,Studying abroad in the USA will offer a competitive edge as you will be competing with different  establishments and companies worldwide once you enter the job market. Increased globalization has created a higher demand for talented employees who speak multiple languages and also ensures that you will be able to adapt to changing environments which will be looked upon by recruiters.

It also enhance regional diversity where you would be interacting with a diverse range of people while studying in the USA will enhance your ability to interact with people from other cultures and analyse issues with a global perspective and would increase your knowledge and exposure substantially. International students belonging to varied perspectives,customs,knowledge,values and traditions increase their cultural awareness and international networks, becoming valuable human resources for the job market.

Self reliance is another factor  which comes into play where many people advocate towards the achievement of their goals and are driven by motivation.Many employers understand that people who have taken the initiative to live and study outside of their home country are more motivated, flexible and independent than those who have never lived abroad.So this drives them towards recruiting candidates who demonstrate these unique qualities.

In addition to excellent English language skills, your time abroad in the USA will demonstrate that you are able to take on new challenges and adapt to new situations with ease. The preferences for good quality of living differ for each individual. It is important to be well informed of what aspect of good quality living is each country favourable in. Most of the countries rank high in all general parameters of high standard living as well as have the most possible safe environments for an immigrant.

Most students can experience and explore a range of diversities by interacting with students Worldwide and improvise their domain which cannot be seen or experienced in their home country.Nordic Countries can be preferred by most international students which includes Sweden,Denmark,Finland,Iceland and Norway. All of them have a lot of natural landscape with very less pollution just making it very pleasant to live there.Good transportation facilities enables people to travel to their destination.

English is spoken and understood by almost everyone.To sum up, it is important to say that the residents are holding a satisfactory approach with the state of living.. With Denmark and Norway ranked at the top in the World Happiness Index, you can be sure of a good time in all parts of your life.These countries offer free education and healthcare to their citizens and have one of the most innovative education systems of the highest qualities.

Sweden is very friendly towards accepting immigrants. Improvised job market and holds on a vast career prospects for freshers.Job opportunities are plenty and the work ethic and rules here are very helpful for both employers and employees and work towards increasing the country’s economy. The tax paid by its citizens is a large percentage of their income but the governments give them back equally by providing all these facilities and running efficient economies.


Higher education in Germany is free of cost and most international students prefer to study in Germany.Germany is considered to be one of the best countries to pursue higher education.Most of the public universities in Germany are free of cost.Most international students are placed in highly reputed companies through placements.My cousin sister studying in one of the most reputed colleges in Germany was placed in Rolls Royce through campus placements.Prominent and distinguished companies hire students across different campuses.

Prominent companies include Rolls Royce,Puma and adidas. Another immigrant-friendly country, and well connected to the rest of Europe, Germany is a popular destination to settle for tech and science professionals among others, as the country is reputed for its focus on precision and quality for technology and automobiles. With great employability opportunities in cities like Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin, high-quality education is also offered by some age-old and reputed universities that are in the same cites you want to work in.

If you want to work in Germany, you will have a good hold of your employee rights as the companies will always hear out any issues their employees have.Even though communicating in English is widely accepted in the Country,it is still highly recommended that professionals and students should converse in German and at least get used to certain phrases in German language during their tenure. It is necessary to know the German language which would turn beneficial when applying for jobs.

Australia and New Zealand are the two countries  which is  very strong economically and have great government policies.The beauty of nature in both countries cannot be compared with any other countries around the World.The amount you get paid after your professional career is higher than you expect.You will be travelling through variety of places where scenic beauty holds it’s predominance in attracting people to these places.

Places like Sydney,Auckland and Melbourne are some of the best places for international students to study.The government and the immigrant friendly policies are friendly compared to most of the other English speaking nations. Monash University in Australia is one of the prestigious universities.Other prominent universities include University of Melbourne,University of Sydney,University of Wollongong.

The United Kingdom holds its reputation in terms of the best universities Worldwide and all these universities are top ranked institutes around the World.These research intensive institutes are recognised Worldwide.Being one amongst the top  multi-cultural destination there is no wonder this country has accepted the immigrants as their own citizens since ages and is popular among people looking to move to a developed country.

It establishes quality education for its students and is prominent for its well-established government all these  factors are the prerequisites necessary  in order  to create job opportunities for educated individuals in every field.Popular destinations for international students  include London, Liverpool, and Edinburgh Ireland as  these cities offer a high-standard living and free health care.

UK is the best country to pursue masters  when it comes to quality of education with universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial which are amongst the top 10 in the World. The fees and cost of living is high in the universities in the city, but it will be totally worthy enough it because of the high skills endowed from the universities and these institutes are the most predominant research intensive institutes in the country.

Canada is a very good option for international students if they are willing to take up a job and settle there immigration process is quite simple, efficient, and inexpensive.It is one of the most preferred destinations amongst Indian students due to abundant job opportunities.

Four German institutions make it into the top 100 universities in the world, with the highest ranked scoring 60th place.German education is free of cost and will mostly account for only the cost of living and the fees you have to pay for examination per semester.The fee system in Germany certainly makes it a desirable place to study for students.

In 2014,Some of the German  states abolished tuition fees which concludes that all students can access education for free apart  from a small admin fee and living cost which would just cover up the costs. Germany is one of the most affordable and desired places to get through for international students.Canadian Universities holds relevance in terms of the job opportunities and vivid opportunities.Canada is one of the best places to pursue masters program for international students.

Three universities in Canada comes under the top 50 world rankings.Canada makes it into the top five countries in terms of higher education according to QS World Rankings. McGill University ranks 24th Worldwide, while the University of Toronto comes in the  34th position globally and the University of British Columbia scrapes into the top 50. Canada can often prove a cheaper alternative to US study and involves a simpler application process.

Netherlands has five universities in the top 100 institutions in the world.The  highest ranked university  is the University of Amsterdam which comes in the 55th position. Maastricht University ranks 169th in the world, achieves eighth place in the Top 50 prestigious universities. The institution is popular with international students from various parts of the globe with nearly half of all undergraduate programmes offered in English.TU Delft in Netherlands is one of the prestigious universities.Most of my seniors during my undergraduate got offers from TU Delft to pursue their masters.