CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review, Paper Analysis of 8th March 2018

CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review and Paper Analysis of 8th March Exam. Check here overall exam review details for the CBSE Class 12th exam held on 8th March 2018 across the country.

CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review 2018– Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted the class 12 Physics Exam Today. Class 12 Examination started last week with English and Physics being the second major exam. The English Examination was very difficult according to the review received from the students.  According to the feedback received from the students and teachers, most of the paper of moderate but had some tricky questions. The paper is considered to be OK for average and below average students as 35-40 marks were direct.  CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review according to a teacher – “The paper was OK for all average and below average students as all the 5 marks questions were direct. The students aspiring to score more than 90 will find the paper tricky since the application level was not direct and student have to think little deep making the paper lengthy.”

CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review of 8th March

The paper is said to be easy as compared to the last 3 years but the paper is a value based paper. The students who have a proper understanding of the topics and are preparing since start can easily score above 90. Rest who has only mugged the answers will be able to pass and not score good marks.

In short, the paper is believed to be tricky when it comes to 2 and 3 marks questions. Students might feel that the paper is easy when they have a glance but at the time of writing, they will realise the difficulty and the shortage of time.

CBSE Class 12th Physics Paper Analysis 2018

After interacting with many students at the exam center, some students feel that the paper was easy; some felt it was moderate and some found it very difficult. But after analysis of the paper, it was concluded that paper was moderate but a tricky one.

  • One of the questions that were found tricky by students and even teachers was related to monochromatic light.
  • The application based question which was related to the installation of the mobile tower was again a tricky and had no direct answer.
  • There was a formula based question to calculate the range of horizon but students were unable to figure out the formula to be used.
  • There were direct questions asked in 5 marks section related to Transistor, PN Junction, Forward and Reverse Biasing.
  • The long questions were direct but two and three marks questions were application based questions.
  • The paper was a value based paper and the students who had clear concepts will have flying marks.

Overall exam analysis

Students who have meticulously gone through the previous year’s question papers and thorough with NCERT book and their exercises can hope to score above 90 marks. Most of the questions were from part 2 text book.

CBSE Class 12th Exam Review

CBSE Class 12 Examination had kicked off last week with English Examination followed by Physics Examination today. The English Examination is said too difficult but Physics was moderate but tricky. The next important examinations following Physics will be Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.

CBSE Board 12th Physics Exam Review stated here is based on the feedback from the majority of the students and is helpful to have a clear idea about your performance.

All The Best for the coming examinations!!!