Cost to study in UK

Studying in the UK is generally cheaper than studying in any equally ranked university in the USA. The main reason for this is the short duration of degree programs.

The tuition fee for UK undergraduate and graduate generally ranges from $17000 – $25000. On average, students need between $1300 – $1600 for living expenses per month.


Before purchasing anything, people usually make sure that they not only get the best price but also get the best product. Your education should be no different. When you plan to study abroad, it is natural to list the pros and cons, so, do not forget to mention value for money on your list. Consider this: The United Kingdom offers the best education money can buy in the English-speaking world.

By studying in the United Kingdom, you get the best for less. Not only could you earn a world-class education, international exposure and experience, and the chance to travel, but also the opportunity to make friends from around the world, all in less time and for less money. That is value for money you just can’t beat.


On-campus accommodation for the first year of study is guaranteed to international students who apply by the accommodation deadline. University halls of residence generally cost anywhere from $85-$220 per week. Depending on the university, this price could include any or all of the following: an internet connection, gym membership, content insurance, one’s own personal bathroom, and sometimes even a cleaning service. As you research university housing, don’t forget to double-check everything the listed price includes.

Private sector accommodation or off-campus accommodation will vary in price and quality depending on your needs and location. Additionally, because you will likely not have a British guarantor, landlords may request anywhere from 3 to 12 months’ worth of rent upfront to secure a flat in their building. Though it is more difficult to arrange city housing, and we advise is to opt for university housing.


Every student has a different lifestyle and depending on the lifestyle, the cost of living varies. But it will cost only $16000 to $20000 to ensure that the student has a safe and comfortable place to live, plenty eat, plenty to spend, and plenty to save in case of emergencies.


You can use US federal loans to help pay for your British education. Plan to fill out the FAFSA application as usual. Keep in mind you will need to fully fund your year abroad through loans, personal finance, and/or scholarships before you arrive in the UK, and you will need to demonstrate that you have this funding in order to secure your student visa.


Probably one of the best opportunities available to you while in the UK is getting some international work experience to pop on your resume! As an international student in the UK, you can work up to twenty hours a week. Normal hourly pay ranges anywhere from $10-$12. Each university has a Careers Centre that can assist you in looking for part-time employment.