Denton is a city in the Denton County, Texas. It is the 12th largest city in the Dallas-Fort. Denton is a vibrant and growing city which has something to offer to all. It is a city with the small town vibes and a friendly atmosphere to make you feel at home.


The residents are educated, creative and are the firm believer of collaboration. Most noteworthy things about the place are the city’s cutting-edge practices, popular hot spots, vibrant art, and music scene.

Denton is home to two universities & more than 50,000 students making it a lively downtown and entrepreneurial community place. Denton was ranked no. 1 Best Small Town in America by the Rand McNally & USA Today in 2012. It is one of the top 25 fastest-growing towns in the country.

The two famous universities of the city are The University of North Texas and Texas’s Woman University and both are globally renowned universities.

In 2014, the Denton was named “the best college town in Texas”. The city is home to many critically acclaimed musicians and bands like Sarah Jaffe, Eli Young Band, and Midlake. You will be able to celebrate music here with a number of musical events like 35 Denton, the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival happening throughout the year.


The city being a student city offers a lot of options for student’s accommodation including on-campus as well as off-campus accommodations. We are giving here the approximate accommodation cost involved for on-campus accommodations in one of the universities to give an idea about the rental expenses.

Room Type9 month Academic Year Rate
Matchbox Single Occupancy Room$5,820.00
Double Occupancy Room$5,100.00
Graduate Student Apartment$4,958.33
Double Occupancy Room and Efficiency Occupancy Room Room$4,960.00
Triple Occupancy Room$4,590.00

Cost of Living

As per the visa requirements, the international students need to give proof of the funds required to study and stay in Denton. These funds include the amount required to stay a normal life while studying there. The expenses which one will need to incur while staying includes tuition fees, living expenses, and others. So, we have given here the approximate living expenses and other expenses involved. These expenses will differ from course to course and will also depend upon the area you choose to stay in. All figures are in approximation to give an idea about the expenses involved.

UNT International Graduate Student — Non-Resident Tuition* **

 Academic Year — 9 monthsSummer — 3 months12 Month Total
 Two semesters with9 credits 
 12 credits per semester(Optional) 
Tuition and Fees14,9615,03519,996
Living Expenses12,0704,58016,650
Other (books, insurance)2,8969003,796
Dependent Expenses   
 Academic Year — 9 months12 months

Part-Time Jobs

The universities provide various on-campus part-time jobs to students to help them to support their studies. The Eligible international students are allowed to work for max 20 hours a week during the semesters & 40 hours a week during the vacations if they are not enrolled.

There are many other places like restaurants, cafes, and pubs where many students work on a part-time basis to earn and support their studies.

Travel and Transportation

Getting in the city and moving around the city is easy and affordable as the city is well connected via road and rail. The Denton Municipal Airport serves as a base to cargo and charter operators.  The city also has special university shuttle services and public buses to move around the city. Students get special passes and discounts on public transport.

Food and Shopping

If you are a foodie and love to explore different cuisines and food experiences, Denton is the place which won’t disappoint you. Right from the ice cream to finest dine experiences, you will find it here.  With so many choices in exotic cuisines to local Texas favorites like Mexican food and barbecue, Denton’s got you covered!

Denton is indeed the mecca for shopping lovers. You can explore antique treasures & eclectic specialty stores in the famous downtown square and beyond. The famous areas for shopping are:

  • Downtown Square
  • Golden Triangle
  • Rayzor Ranch
  • Stonehill Center
  • Denton Crossing
  • Holiday Shopping
  • Spring Open House


Denton is home to thriving music festivals and many critically acclaimed musicians of the world.  Denton’s historic Downtown Square is the heart of the city because you will find most of the ‘hang-out’ spots and events for entertainment. Some of the famous things to do are listed here:

  • Denton Arts & Jazz Festival
  • Digital Scavenger Hunts
  • Denton Arts Walk of Fame
  • Horse Country Tours

Denton is known for its music scenes which are independent, organic, original, and energetic. There are also many places like galleries, museums, nightclubs, pubs etc to relax over the weekends. Therefore, you won’t find a single day to feel bored and lonely.


Denton city experiences humid subtropical climate with humid summers and cold winters. Due to dry winds, the summer temperature ranges from 33 to 36 °C in the month of June to August. The coldest month is January and average low temperature recorded is around 1 °C. Flash floods & severe thunderstorms frequently occur during spring months. The Average snowfall received in Denton city is around 2.4 inches (6.1 cm) per year.