GMAT New Rules Launched for New Strategy 2015

GMAT New Rules Launched- Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the percentage increase of Indian students appearing for Graduate Management Admission Test, commonly known as GMAT. According to the latest news, GMAT score is accepted widely in over 112 business schools in India providing a platform to get enrolled in 235 programmes. US programmes received the maximum number of GMAT official score reports from Indian students, resulting in declination of US programs.

GMAT New Rules
GMAT New Rules

GMAT New Rules and Features:-

GMAC has come up with three changes in the GMAT.

Cancelled Scores Removed From GMAT Official Score Report:-

According to the GMAT new policy for reporting scores (2015), the scores cancelled by the students would not be shown in the score report with a symbol “C”, as it used to be earlier. This has saved the students from a bad reputation and has favoured them. Cancelling a score means that after the test has been taken, the students are given a time domain of two minutes to cancel their current score if they aren’t satisfied with it. On choosing to option to cancel the score, the score will only be known by the test taker and nobody else, i.e. the GMAT score will not be sent to any college or university for analysis. Also, this score will not be printed in the score report of the student. This helps students gain more confidence and control. Also, it makes the score card clean. Hence, this feature of GMAT option to cancel scores is most loved by GMAT aspirants all over the world.

Repeat Exams Allowed After 16 Days:-

Instead of being able to take a re-test after 31 days, the students have now been relieved with a 16-day re-test program. This helps the test takers to continue with the habit of studying and improve their peak performance times. This, in all aspects, is better than the earlier 31 day re-test.

However, the rule of being able to take five re-tests in the 12-month period, remains same.

Authentication Code Replaced With Date of Birth:-

Here comes another sigh of relief! No need to remember another authentication code, another series of jumbled up numbers! To view your GMAT official score report, you only have to use your Date of Birth as identification. No fuss anymore. You can always view your score without remembering any series of numbers!

GMAT New Rules
GMAT New Rules
  • These rules have been in process since July 19, 2015.

GMAT is amongst the most appeared for exams across the globe. People from all over the world prepare for years to give this gem of a test. To make sure that you have a good score, you should know the guidelines to not mess up your GMAT. We hope this article was helpful to you.

Good luck!