GMAT Preparation Tips- GMAT Online Preparation Tricks

GMAT Preparation Tips- For all those who have to manage a score above 700, it is important that you make sure you have a schedule before preparing for GMAT. It is a long way to go and is the only way you can achieve your goals by getting into the college of your dreams.

GMAT Preparation Tips:-

The right way to gain the right score is nothing but a combination of few extremely similar steps. Follow these GMAT preparation tips and there you go with the amazing profile for GMAT.

GMAT Preparation Tips
GMAT Preparation Tips

1. Consistency:

Make sure that you know about the syllabus and that you’ve thoroughly studied the subjects. However, what matters more is how consistent and regular you have been while preparing. It is necessary that you are spontaneous and confident while solving the questions. Instead of setting aside a weekend and studying 36 hours, keep short sessions every day to become more consistent.

2. Handy diary:

In order to convert your weaknesses into strengths, you must keep a small notebook or a diary in which you can note down all the questions that need to be revised because they either could not be solved or took too long to solve. You can look up more of such kind of questions and practise. This will help you in building up your concepts.

3. Start early:

Do not wait for the right time, just do it! Preparing for GMAT right before 3-6 months before the exam won’t help. As mentioned earlier, consistency is the key here.

4. Time-table:
It is important that you make a time-table and plan your day. Nothing can be achieved if you have a haphazard life. Set aside time for everything. To make it more effective, you can make it exponential i.e. increase the time set for GMAT preparation as the test dates come closer.

5. GMAT Preparation Papers:

Always take preparation tests. Always! It gives you an insight of the real test. It is advised that you take the test more than just once. Re-doing a preparation tests helps you build confidence and exposes you to a greater volume of questions.

6. Educated Guessing:

There are times when we face a question we don’t really know the answer to. However, we do know what cannot be the answer. In this manner, you can rank the five choices according to their correctness or incorrectness. This is called educated guessing. It does take time, but there’s a 93% chance you’ll hit the right answer.

7. Practice Writing Essay:

Using the AWA topics given on the website , you can improve your writing skills. Writing test everything: vocabulary, sentence formation, punctuations, expression, grammar. It is necessary that you have good writing skills before appearing for the GMAT test. You can download software called GMAT Write which uses the same technology as the actual exam to grade your essays. You’ll now know where you need to improve.

8. Time Milestones:

It is not uncommon that people run out of time towards the end of the test. Many students don’t realize that they are falling short of time. To avoid taking wild guesses during this period, you should stick to certain milestones that you have set for each question. Like you can take 4 minutes per question, but if you go above that, leave it and attempt the next question. If you have time remaining at the end, you can always go back to the questions that were left unanswered.

9. Preparation Books:

There are umpteen number of GMAT preparation books and e-books that will certainly help you reach your goal. Refer to those, but don’t buy all of them. Learn to differentiate between the right and the wrong books. Online material is available everywhere. Practise as much as you can and you will make it through.

How to crack GMAT is a question that pops up in everyone’s mind. With these very simple and consistent GMAT preparation tips, anyone can make it through the test.

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