How long Does it Take to prepare for the GMAT?

Are you planning to take GMAT? The most common question which comes across the minds of most of the aspirants is “How long Does it Take to prepare for the GMAT?” The most common answers to this question are very general too like “it depends” or “the longer, the better which are not only vague but also frustrating and unenlightening. Here we are going to talk about the various factors which play a significant role when considering the above question.

  • The first factor to be considered is your current proficiency level on the standardized tests.
  • For how many hours per day, you can do effective studies?
  • What is your Target Score and what is your cold base-score?
  • What are your strong areas?

Once, you have an answer to the above questions, you will be able to compute the time you need to dedicate for the GMAT preparation.

How long Does it Take to prepare for the GMAT?

A Moderate study plan of three months with 1-2 hour per weekday and a single 3-4 hour sitting on each weekend will be enough to help you to improve 50-100 point increase over a relatively raw score.

If you need to improve more than 50-100 points, you would be required to study for more than three months. It would be better to spread your study plan to over six months and in such situation, you will have more time to work on your revisions and could really work hard and improvise your Raw score. Repeated exposure also helps to encode material into long-term memory.

GMAT Preparation:

Preparing for GMAT is a serious task and needs lots of dedication and hard work. Here, we are going to help you out with some of the tried and tested tips given by the GMAT toppers.

Before you start your preparation, keep these words of Gregg Schoenfeld, Associate Director, Research in mind that “GMAT measures your reasoning skills—it is not a test of reading or mathematical achievement. Once you are comfortable with the test and the types of questions that will be asked and you have invested some time preparing for the exam, you can relax, sit for the test, and let your abilities shine.”

  • Be consistent in your preparation.
  • Make a record of your daily activities.
  • Set an exponential GMAT prep timetable
  • Train to use laminated drawing board which is given by test centers for the calculations.
  • Take maximum GMAT practice tests.
  • Practice educated guessing.
  • Focus on your weakness in a measured way.
  • Time yourself while taking the practice GMAT test papers.

GMAT Scores for MS in USA

When we talk about the Required GMAT Score for Masters in USA, the acceptable GMAT score varies from the university to university. If you are targeting a low ranked Master’s program, you might just need 400 points only. Then there are the higher ranked programs, where you will require at least a score of 650 points. The higher rank universities say top 50, requires you to score somewhere between 660-700 points.

You can refer to our website to know more about the GMAT scores required by a particular university or a specific program.