How to apply for an International University in France in 2019?

Yearly approximately 300,000 international individuals come from various EU, non- EU nations stay in France for education. One reason may be from its low tuition fees that are common in France universities. Learn more about fees and the necessary files that are the requirements for ‘you’ studying in France. The points below will be helpful for all the international students dreaming to choose a French education:



International students nowadays don’t expect money, and its best to move with your passion. France is the destination where one can choose among other best options example;

  • French MBA opportunities
  • Biotechnology Masters in France.
  • Study of Masters in Luxury Goods.


Choosing your course of study, from your personal liking and from its scope in the future is very good. Note- Your value given for the course should be equal for the place of French study! International students with the right subject from the best university shine brightly in upcoming years.

Google is there for you guys. Go ahead and surf overboard in it for the top colleges and universities.  It is best to search for French universities depending upon your chosen course. Some of the top famous institutions for education Internationally in France include;

  • HEC Paris School of Management
  • Groupe ESA – ÉcoleSupérieure D’Agriculture D’Angers
  • INSA Lyon

Remember- international and non- EU students are under requirement of writing demande d’admission préalable (DAP). It is just a preliminary test from your own home nation. Note down the test- international students, from nations, the ones with French scholarships are not applicable to the test.


There are changes in the application process for students. The EEA and the EU students can directly apply to the French university itself. The other type persons are to be applying forms from the online portal CEF, and for 2019 which is- ‘Studying in France Procedure’. Your tracking systems and other files like visa processes are to be for procedures from here. You will apply forms in the French embassy or any consulate if you reside in France and not a citizen. Search relevant information without queries pre getting into the leap! Get ready for other examinations, visa and necessary test results for moving successfully to an International French University.

Educating oneself in France is a tough choice and an easy one. France welcome nations you come from. With proper eligibility, you can change into a student of a French university and succeed! All the best wishes! Go through some more relevant topics related to your France education:

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