How to get a France student Visa ?

France is one of the best to study and excel in education. One must have the necessary skill sets and also physical requirements to adjust, move from your comfort zone and achieve. Henceforth considering the importance of physical aids a student who is not a France citizen must ensure they have a visa. The following simple steps may help you to get a France student visa:



  • Your primary documentation for a student visa would be the acceptance letter given by the French University where you got selected. So, start applying to colleges and your process for visa moves forward only when you get a seat in some French campus.
  • Choosing your type of visa is a mandatory step. There are 3 types of visas;


  1. Visa de court séjour pour etudes- 3 months’ availability. Comes free of cost. No need for any resident permission. Useful for short courses and studies.
  2. Visa de long séjour temporaire pour etudes– one-time renewal only. Useful for longer, but temporary studies. Available for a maximum time duration of 6 months.
  3. Visa de long séjour etudes– VLT-TS -common name. Available for the whole duration of your study stream. No need for permissions of residency.
  • Further, one can apply for a student visa in any France consulate. They can even try some French Universities having a local office. Ensure you readily fix dates, timings, and other interview schedules for the visa procedures along with choosing your language. You will be asked to attend the examination or some test for the language opted. With a French college acceptance letter, you won’t be charged any for the visa.


  • The first year of education requires the student visa as proof for your France residentially. After a month you will be asked to register at the ‘local French Office of Immigration and Integration’ (OFII) with validating your visa by a general medical examination. If you are still planning to stay in France above one year, then you are sure to have registrations from your second year of education to apply for a ‘Carte de Séjour’ (CDS) or the ‘titre de séjour’. This is a compulsory one for ensuring that as a student, you are an official resident of France.




Students who apply for a degree is for the requirement to pay €50 for longer stays National Visa. For both the dual course study students and for the exchange people, the price remains constant. Check beforehand at your nearby BNP Paribas Branch for the exact French college selected. Visa processing payment of €50 which is INR 4076 along with INR 1467 for handling charges is also to be paid by students. Exchange rates are subjective of dynamics and hence you must necessarily check with your French embassy or consulate.

Studying at a University in France is a big deal and hence gets to know things well before leaving your nation and going there. Education in any form is only knowledgeable and thus chooses your course and university wisely long with proper documents which are very significant.