How to Get Admission Without GMAT Score | MBA Without GMAT

If you ask Why GMAT required? The answer would be, GMAT or The Graduate Management Admission Test is a test in The English language required for analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills. This test score is generally needed for admission to a graduate management course like MBA, but there are some colleges and universities who offer admission without GMAT.

There are lots of candidates who are looking for tricks of How to Get Admission in Abroad Universities without GMAT Score. If you are also frustrated with failure attempts of GMAT or don’t want to prepare for GMAT, then this article may help you. In this article, we will give you information about those universities where you can apply for Admission Without GMAT Score

This article draws a comprehensive summary to the whole university admission process without GMAT.

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Waiving off the GMAT or Admission Without GMAT

Though the process of admission without GMAT is different in different colleges and universities, these are some general rules that all institutions abide by.

  • If you are going to an MBA program without the GMAT scores, you better have at least 5 years of working experience in the practical work field under the banner of executive MBA or EMBA.
  • Admission without GMAT also includes benefits of completing a degree online.
  • You will need an impressive GPA and some good references. Even a recommendation letter from the CEO of your company will also help. In that case, two recommendation letters will be required for your admission.
  • These programs are generally availed by people who are experienced professionals and do not want to quit their job while looking for an MBA.
  • You are going no further without a good software essay. It is of utmost importance for your admission. An essay with bad grammar and sentence construction will result in an immediate rejection.
  • If you hold bachelor’s of a degree from an accredited and famous schooling, greater than the college you want to get admitted in, then you have high chances.
  • The application must be properly filled up citing the reasons for the EMBA. Also, the charge should be cleared beforehand.
  • The current resume should have you placed in a reputed company from where you are going to apply and taking the GMAT test hence was not possible.
  • There will be a personal interview thereafter and facing personal interview effectively is not everyone’s cup of tea. While in an interview you have to respond well to the questions posed to you and you should not show any kind of impatience, with your speech, gestures or body language. Just be clear while answering your question so that your conversation reflects clarity of thought and expression along with simplicity.

Advantages of admission without the GMAT score

There are several advantages of university admission without GMAT score, and the most obvious advantage of completing the degree without GMAT is that most of the times you can do it from the time you have left your education. You will have the complete freedom of doing the coursework and login to several discussion boards at your own convenience and will. Self-motivation and dedication is all that you need to keep going in the program with diligence. You can also find reduced costs and offers which you won’t find in a normal MBA course.  You can, of course, benefit from both cost wise and education wise. Many times these abroad universities also have online programs. You can use that too if you want for getting Admission Without GMAT.