Know more about City Belfast Before you Land

You have landed on the right page if you are planning to go for further studies to Belfast, North Ireland and want to know more about the place before landing there. Scroll down to read what Belfast has in store for you!

The UK consists of 4 countries:

  • England – London
  • Scotland- Edinburgh
  • Whales – Cardiff
  • Northern Island – Belfast


Belfast is the largest city in the Northern Island and a modern capital which is not only welcoming but also an inexpensive one.  Belfast is an awesome place with stunning landscapes, close-knit student community, amazing pubs and famous cranes. There are many reasons why you should be choosing Belfast as your study abroad destination. The three major reasons are it is:

  • Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Safe

Belfast is home to two famous universities i.e. Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Ulster and both are located in the center of the city of Belfast and thus results in the close-knit student community. The Queen’s University Belfast is part of the Russel Group which is an association of twenty-four leading research-intensive universities in the United Kingdom. The University of Ulster is also the second largest university on the whole Island and 95% of the students are either employed or into further studies within 6 months of the graduation. So, if you get admitted in any of these universities, you are in a win-win situation.


As per Mercer, 2016; Belfast is the most affordable than any other major student city in the UK.

The average weekly rent is £46 per week which is the cheapest weekly rent in the entire UK in 2016. (


Food and Grocery Shopping

The average student in Belfast spends only £16 weekly on food shopping which is quite below the national average of £24.

Commuting In Belfast

Commuting in Belfast is easy and inexpensive. The city can be explored on foot or by the bike. The bus and train services are frequent and also offer lot of travel discounts to the students. You can also rent a bicycle through the Belfast Bikes Public Bicycle Rental Scheme.

Approximate Weekly Expenses


If you are studying a full-time undergraduate and living in self-catering halls during the term-time, the weekly expenses in approximation will be as shown below:

Item Typical cost *
Accommodation £89-107
Food £50
Gas, electricity and water Included in student accommodation
Council tax Northern Ireland students are exempt
General living costs £30
Travel & Transport £10
Total Cost £197

* Costs per week.

So, if you compare the expenses students have to bear towards Housing, food and grocery shopping, Travel & Transportation, Cost of Living is pretty lower and you can earn a quality education at the low cost.

Part-Time Work Options

International students prefer to go for part-time jobs to support their finances. The students can find on-campus jobs like helping prepare a mailshot or working at graduation ceremonies as well as off-campus jobs by various external employers. These part-time jobs help the students not only to manage their finances but also help them to learn various skills like Organisational and time management skills, Written and oral communication skills, Supervisory and teamwork skills etc.

part time job in Belfast

Students will be able to find many opportunities within the ‘Golden Mile’ in Belfast.


Being a student centric-city there are many sources of entertainment like pubs, clubs, visitor attractions, fine-dine restaurants, theaters and much more. It is one of the most friendly and fashionable regional capitals and also described as a ‘must-see visitor destination’ by the Lonely Planet.  The place is full of beauty with lots of places like Titanic Belfast, The Belfast Murals etc. to explore. You can explore the city with the numerous tour buses or boat tours which are organized throughout the year.

entertaining students in Belfast

Job Opportunities

After studying in the world-class universities in Belfast, you can be assured of the successful future. They get you future ready to work and explore the industry. 95% of the students from the Ulster University are either placed or get into further education within six months of the completion of the course. There are thousands of jobs available in different sectors in Belfast.

Diverse Culture

Every year thousands of students travel to Belfast to study from all across the globe and thus provide a global and diverse environment to grow and become learned.

Indian Communities

You will be happy to know that Indians are the third largest minority ethnic group in Northern Ireland and the maximum of them are concentrated in the areas of Belfast and northwest.

So, now when you land there you know beforehand the basic cost of living and places to stay and explore.