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The Life sciences comprises of fields of medical science that operates on the realms of the scientific study of living organisms (microorganisms, plants, animals and human beings). Life sciences along with such a study also considers bioethics. With biology being at the Centre stage of the life sciences, breakthrough advances in molecular biology and biotechnology has rendered this field a great scope to be ventured by the upcoming generation.

Life Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16
Life Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16

Life Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16:-

Pursuing medical and life sciences career in one of the top ranked university in the world is quite a dream one has who is willing to make a career of it. We now present below the top ranking universities in the world that is famous for its medical and life sciences courses. Read on to find the top universities of medical and life sciences currently:

  1. Harvard University: Ranked a 2nd in the overall world ranking of universities, Harvard is a class apart. In the medical field, Harvard maintains its reputation owing to its prestigious medical school, one of the oldest in US established way back in 1782. With a faculty strength of 11,000 conducting crucial research on life-threatening diseases and genetic disorders. 15 researchers here have shared 9 Nobel prizes in medicine for their work here.
  2. University of Cambridge: the universities’ school of clinical medicine is well known for producing breakthrough research in areas varying from cancer to mental health.
  3. University of Oxford: with a history of medicine being taught here since the 13th century, medical and life sciences courses here stand a class apart. The development of Penicillin, the wonder drug of the previous age is some of the acclaimed achievements here at the University of Oxford.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): famous for its innovative quotient, its center for biomedical innovation aims to improve global health by overcoming obstacles to the development and implementation of biomedical innovation. The university does not have a medical school yet its life sciences division encourages collaboration between scientists and scholars.
  5. Johns Hopkins University: the first research university in the US, it is one of the reputed name among the universities of medical and life sciences. The school of medicine here was one of the first coeducational graduate level medical school established way back in 1893. As many as 16 Nobel laureates have been associated from Johns Hopkins.
  6. Stanford University: has a research-driven medical school which aims at promoting diversity and empowering future generations making them resourceful and adaptable.
  7. University of California (UCSF): The University of California (UCSF) is a center for health sciences research, patient care and education; widely famed as the best for medical and health sciences.
  8. Yale University: the Yale University school of medicine, established in 1810 has been a pioneer ever since in the field of medical science. Among its major medical innovations, the use of robotics to reduce trauma and recovery of surgery has won many accolades.
  9. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): UCLA is home to the teaching hospital, Ronald Reagan UCLA medical Centre, which ranks among the top 5 hospitals in the US. Breakthrough research here is coupled with large amount of funds in donations to medical students regardless of their economic background.
Life Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16
Life Sciences World Universities Rankings 2015-16