MBBS at Private College in India vs MBBS from Abroad: Which is Better?

Pursuing an MBBS degree and completing it is a prestigious thing in itself and is something that not all students are capable of achieving. After a student decides that he wishes to study medicine, one of the greatest dilemmas that he faces is whether to opt for a private college in his own nation or go abroad to attain the degree if his financial position so allows. The students who opt for government medical colleges stick to this category only, mainly because they are unable to afford the high fees that private colleges and medical colleges abroad charge. Let us compare MBBS at Private College in India vs MBBS from Abroad and see what each has to offer:


Quality of Education

No matter how good a private college you get enrolled into, if compared with western countries which are far more advanced and developed than India, you are bound to get superior quality of education in abroad countries no matter where you go. Boasting of top notch faculty combined with extensive practical training and advanced equipments and amenities, you just cannot go wrong when it comes to pursuing MBBS from a university abroad.

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Price factor

Being a five and half-year course, completing an MBBS degree can prove to be quite expensive. Though private colleges in India are in no ways cheap, they can prove to be far more affordable than getting a degree in medicine in a foreign destination. India is a developing nation and offers a cheaper cost of living to its residents, especially the student class, even in metropolitan and big cities. No matter where you go, you will have to incur add on expenses such as lodging, food and commuting which are quite expensive in countries abroad. If you have a budget to work on, then India would be a better option for you.

Global Experience and Exposure

The global experience and exposure that abroad countries offer to Indian students makes all the difference. Staying in your native land, you will not get the kind of exposure and experience that you must gain during your college years. Such an experience will come to you automatically when you stay in a foreign land, meet new people and overcome new and difficult situations every day of your life.

Availability of seats

The huge population of India makes it quite difficult for students to secure a place for themselves in a private college as seats fill up fast and once the numbers are full, the colleges refuse to take on any more students. Even though there are a number of colleges in our nation, the ever growing population manages to outdo the availability of seats. When it comes to pursuing MBBS abroad, there are numerous countries to choose from and thousands of universities at a student’s disposal making it easy for him to choose the one that suits his own budget and requirements best.

Residence abroad

Most students, who pursue a MBBS degree abroad, take up jobs in the developed country itself, settle there and do not come back to their native land. Students consider this as a great opportunity as they get to reside in developed countries which are better than their own allowing them to earn more and lead a better life there.

So think about your future prospects, your budget and whether you wish to settle in your own country or abroad before deciding whether to pursue MBBS in a private college in India or abroad.