MCAT Preparation Tips, Reference Books for Medical College Admission Test

MCAT Preparation Tips- CAT or Medical College Admissions Test has been around since the 1920’s in one form or another. Over the time, it has evolved into a standard exam which needs to be cleared in order to attain acceptance in a reputed medical school. This exam consists of multiple choice questions and a writing section. The exam basically evaluates the candidates on various fronts which include scientific knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

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MCAT Preparation Tips:-

MCAT is not an exam that can be cleared by pulling an all-nighter. This exam requires serious efforts and sincerity. Interested candidates much approach preparations with proper time management and organisation. There is a lot to study for a medical exam. Not only are there many topics to cover, but the preparation required for different sections is also different. Think of the MCAT exam as a marathon. It is not the speed that matters, but the steadiness. Proper preparation is paramount to be successful.

MCAT Preparation Tips
MCAT Preparation Tips

MCAT Preparation Tips- Here are some tips that will help you in your preparation:

  1. Accept the reality of the test – To begin with, know what you are facing. Do not fool yourself by underestimating the test. Only when you fully appreciate the difficulty of MCAT, will you be able to devote yourself for its preparation.
  2. Mock test – It is always better to know what you are up against. Giving mock tests before starting with the preparation gives an idea of the nature of questions that you will be dealing with. This helps in organising your preparation.
  3. Understanding over memorizing – More than memorizing formulas and information, it is important that you understand them. During preparations, try and see if you understand all that you learn. Try to explain it to yourself or to someone else. This will help you remember better and also help you write better answers.
  4. Cover your weaknesses – In order to perform at the highest level, it is important that you cover all your weaknesses. Whether you opt for an MCAT preparatory course or self-study, you should plan your preparation in such a way that your strengths are further developed while your weaknesses improve such that they no longer remain your weakness.
  5. A steadfast routine – It is important to plan out a routine. Keep a calendar and assign topics to yourself. Keep yourself up to date with your routine. Also, take out time to sleep well, exercise and healthy diet. These factors influence your preparation. It is best to put this routine to practice at least six months before the date of the test.
  6. Old Textbooks and notes – Instead of wasting time on new material and information it is more resourceful to stick to material that is familiar. Dig out your old textbooks, study books/guides, notes that you may have used in your graduation.
  7. Evaluate your tests – It is not enough that you take many tests. You should be able to learn something out of all your tests. Evaluate your answers after each test. Point out your wrong answers and weak areas, and give them more time.
  8. Group Study – Group study is always a good idea. When more people study together, they are able to evaluate each other better.
MCAT Preparation Tips
MCAT Preparation Tips

A lot of study material is available for the preparation of MCAT. Some of the reference books that are popularly used and referred are as follows:

  1. The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam
  2. Exam crackers Complete MCAT Study Package: 5 Book Package
  3. Kaplan MCAT Review: Complete 5-Book Series
  4. Barron’s MCAT with CD-ROM
  5. Gold Standard MCAT

MCAT is a difficult and comprehensive exam. One must not get overwhelmed by it. But, at the same time, one must be able to grasp the nature of the exam in order to give their best.