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Post Graduate Diploma Courses are taught postgraduate courses. They are pursued after a Bachelor’s degree. These courses are available for students who do not want to pursue a Master’s degree for some reason. These courses are shorter as compared to the regular Masters’ level courses. This is a good option for those students who are employed and still want to pursue higher studies. These are also suitable for professionals, who are looking for a change in their career. These courses are available in a wide range of subjects. They can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. The courses can take around 30 weeks to complete, if studied full- time in the UK. Post Graduation diploma courses are generally cheaper when compared to a Master’s degree.

Post Graduate Diploma Courses in UK for International Students:

Types of courses

There are various post graduate diploma courses that are available. Legal Practice Course (LPC) for those who want to enter the legal profession, PGDip in Social Work and Postgraduate certification in Education (PGCE) for students who want to enter the teaching profession, to name a few.

Entry requirements

To pursue a postgraduation diploma course in a specific university, students must contact the concerned universities and learn about the eligibility criteria for that specific university/course. The eligibility criteria may be different for different universities and most of them work on a first-come-first-serve basis. Generally, a Bachelor’s degree is a must. Some universities pay emphasis to work experience. They pay high emphasis to English-speaking skills. Some students may have to give an interview or sit for an exam.

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Postgraduate courses in the UK

British universities also have excellent post-graduation courses to offer. Universities in the UK are known to provide high-quality education through these courses. Below is a list of postgraduate degrees that students can pursue:

Master’s degree – This post graduation course is pursued after graduation. Students can obtain a master’s degree in Sciences (Biology, Biochemistry etc), Medical fields, English (literature, linguistics etc), Law and Education etc. Master’s degree takes one year to be completed. It may take approximately two years if research is included.

Master of Business Administration – Receiving an MBA degree in England is a good move towards a successful career in the business world. The MBA courses offered in various universities are business policy, business strategy, marketing, human resources etc.

Other Postgraduate certificates can also be obtained without full-time commitment.

Doctorate degrees (PhD, Dphil, EdD) – Doctorates are the highest level of education, one can achieve. In the UK it takes three years to pursue a Doctorate. It’s not necessary to have a master’s degree to pursue a doctorate.

Postgraduate diploma courses in British Universities

There are numerous universities in the UK that offer post graduate diploma courses.

  • The University of Edinburgh-Postgrad.Dip and certificate in Anatomical Sciences
  • Regent’s University-Postgrad.Dip in fashion journalism/Integrative Psychotherapy
  • The University of Law-Postgrad.Dip in Law
  • University of West Minister-Postgrad.Dip in Law / Postgrad.Dip in Architecture
  • Manchester Metropolitan University-Postgrad.Dip in Bar Professional Training Course / Marketing Communications
  • Queen’s University-Postgrad.Dip in Mental Health
  • Queen Mary University of London-Laws (Master of law), postgrad.Dip /International dispute resolution (Mediation)
  • University of West London-Postgrad.Dip in Human Resource Management
  • University of Oxford-Postgrad.Dip in Financial strategy
  • University of Portsmouth-Postgrad.Dip in Strategic Quality Management
  • Swansea University-Postgrad.Dip in Legal Practice Course (LPC)
  • Leeds Beckett University-Postgrad.Dip in International Relations
  • Kingston University-Postgrad.Dip in Human Resource Management/International Human Resource
  • University of Greenwich-Postgrad.Dip in General Pharmacy Practice
  • University of Lincoln-Postgrad.Dip in Conservation Studies