PTE Preparation Tips- Writing, Reading, Listening, Speaking

PTE Preparation Tips – Are you preparing for the Pearson Test in English (PTE)? Well, PTE is one of the most famous and important language proficiency examination for non-native English speakers who want to study in countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. This examination is accepted by universities like Harvard, Yale and more. Candidates have to score a minimum qualifying mark in the PTE examination. There are different pattern set for the PTE examination. Here we are providing the list of some PTE Preparation Tips, how to prepare for the examination, etc.

PTE Pattern:

Sl. No. Sections Details
 1. Speaking & Writing 1.     Personal Introduction

2.     Read aloud

3.     Repeat sentence

4.     Describe image

5.     Re-tell lecture

6.     Answer short question

7.     One sentence

8.     Paragraph

9.     Essay (20mins)


 2. Reading 10.  Multiple choice questions (x2)

11.  Re-order paragraphs

12.  Fill in the blanks (x2)

13.  A ten minute break is optional


 3. Listening 14.  Summarize spoken text

15.  Multiple choice x2

16.  Fill the blanks

17.  Highlight the correct summary

18.  Select missing word

19.  Highlight incorrect words

20.  Write from dictation

PTE Preparation Tips:

Prepare yourself for the PTE test by following the PTE Preparation Tips cited below.

  1. Firstly, you have to follow the three P’s, i.e. Practice, Practice and Practice. This will help you to know all the weaker points before exam.
  2. Use correct punctuation (Writing part).
  3. Follow the rules of writing and know the word limits
  4. Make yourself mentally prepare for the examination day.
  5. Respond quickly and keep speaking in the speaking paper.
  6. Take care on fluency and pronunciation part in speaking paper.
  7. Know the scoring method of each section.
  8. While answering the multiple choice questions, think twice before you choose the answer
  9. Last but not the least; be confident in the day of the examination.

How to prepare for PTE Test:

Are you wondering about How to get High Score in PTE? Well, let us know about process of preparation for PTE test and the tips for scoring high.

  1. Try the online-scored practice test conducted by PEARSON and all the other websites.
  2. During the practice examination you will have to maintain the time management too.
  3. Follow the sample videos for the PTE test

PTE Writing Preparation

In the writing section, follow the following points.

  1. Summarize written text (5-75 words)
  2. Write essay (200-300 words). Focus on the main topic.
  3. Use correct punctuations like commas, full stops, capital letters, etc.

PTE Reading Preparation

For the Reading part, follow the following preparation tips. Maintain the time properly while appearing in the examination.

  1. Multiple choice, choose single answer
  2. Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
  3. Re-order paragraphs
  4. Reading: Fill in the blanks
  5. Reading & writing: Fill in the blanks
  6. Focus on vocabulary and grammar skills

PTE Listening Preparation

For the listening section, follow the pointers below.

  1. Summarize spoken text
  2. Multiple choice, choose multiple answers
  3. Fill in the blanks
  4. Highlight correct summary
  5. Multiple choice, choose single answer
  6. Select missing word
  7. Highlight incorrect words
  8. Write from dictation

PTE Speaking Preparation

  1. 30-40 minutes time will be given for the speaking process.
  2. Read loud
  3. See the punctuation while speaking
  4. Stress the words
  5. Keep on speaking for the time given to you.
  6. Take care while speaking for the type of sentences.

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