Why Studying Engineering at QUB is a Better Decision Than Studying in Indian Colleges

Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) is one of the leading Universities in the UK. QUB is located in Northern Ireland and was opened in 1849. It offers various undergraduate and post graduate courses. Students from all over the world come to QUB to pursue their respective courses. Explore your courses, and get the life-changing and the world-class education system in QUB. The faculty members are research scholars with a very high academic profile.

How Studying Engineering at QUB is Better Option?

So, if you are thinking of pursuing Engineering courses in the United Kingdom, think of QUB. QUB have all the best and unique education system worldwide. It would be a best decision to choose QUB than any other Indian Engineering Colleges. We will help you in finding all the unique and professional ways why to choose QUB and why studying Engineering at QUB will be a better decision than studying in any other institutions.

Queen's University Belfast (QUB)
Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)

Get the Belfast Experience

Here we will provide you with all the important points on why you should choose QUB and how a degree from QUB will help your professional career in comparison to other colleges. Have a look.

World Ranking Colleges: QUB is ranked 20 in UK ranking list. It is wrapped with the innovative and world-class education systems. QUB helps International students in many ways by providing scholarships, funding, etc.

But, India is facing this problem and students are not getting the real technical knowledge. This is a main concern that India lacks in premium colleges. In this age of high competition and global relevance, everyone is moving towards excellences. No one wants to get stuck in any situation. And it’s very tough to get into the Premium institutes in India. This lack of premium institutes results in lack of employment, low education quality and much more.

Good Infrastructure and Qualified Faculty: A good infrastructure is very important for a successful environment. QUB has got a very good infrastructure. QUB is wrapped with many leading research groups like Marine Research Group, Groundwater & Environmental Systems, Geotechnics, Intelligent Infrastructures, etc. The faculty members are award winning personnel. It has all the state-of-art-facilities.

But on the other hand, many of the Indian colleges don’t have a good infrastructure and qualified faculty members.

  • Innovation and Commercialization: At QUB, students will get all the practical approaches. They will get a very innovative practical experience at QUB. Students are encouraged to explore innovation and commercialization hand in hand. They will give you opportunities and make you think in a very innovative way. They will make you perfect for any e-entrepreneurial projects. There are multi- disciplinary teams, who will engage you in real-life changing experience. But, on the other hand, Indian colleges have lack of practical approaches, lack of innovation and critical thinking.
  • Masters programs Include Practical Touch: At QUB, you will get a combination of both theory and practical knowledge. The master programs are especially wrapped with all the possible practical experience. The faculty members guide the students and offer all the practical knowledge. This practical knowledge helps the students to work in any organisation without any problem, which leads to high employment. But in other colleges, there is a very low practical approach. So, the employment percentage decreases.

USP’s of Queen’s University Belfast (QUB)

  • 15th largest city in the UK
  • 1,700 International Students from over 100 countries
  • Ranked 1st position in cost of living, opportunities, accommodation, physical library, etc.
  • Lowest cost of living
  • Library with 2000 reader seats
  • Second safest city in the world
  • Described as the ‘Oxbridge of Ireland’. University founded in 1845.
  • Facilities for International students: Provide scholarships for both undergraduate and post graduate courses
  • Many more

Selective courses include 1-Year Paid internship

The Universities of UK are offering some selective courses that include 1 Year paid internships. The main reason for this initiative is to help the candidates get employment and a good career. Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) is also among them. Basically, the masters program is a 2 year course, and in this 2 year 1 is considered as a paid internship course to the students. This will help the candidates to analyse and experience the real world of an organisation. International students can use this selective course for their better career growth.

The advantages of 1-Year Paid internship

  • Get high professional skills
  • A strong professional network worldwide
  • Earn while pursuing the course
  • Personal Development
  • Life Experience
  • Career Opportunities
  • An eye-catchy globally touched CV

This 1 year paid internship program is one of the excellent programs in QUB. If you want to get admission for your higher studies choose QUB. It will give you a high quality and world class education, global professional experience and many. So, choose QUB and get the high professional career. Read about the MSc programs with 1-year paid internships.

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