Top 10 MBBS Universities in UK- Best Medical Colleges List

MBBS Universities in UK- If you’re looking for pursuing higher studies somewhere outside of India, UK is the place for you! With a vibrancy of its beautifully cultured cities, UK has the best, high-quality level education and offers a lot to its international students. Out of six top universities of the world, four are based in UK. They have unbelievably latest technological systems and students are taught by world’s leading professionals. Medical colleges in UK are indubitably and unquestionably the best amongst all the other countries.

Top MBBS Universities in UK:-

Here’s a list of top 10 MBBS Universities in UK:

1.) Oxford University:-

MBBS Universities in UK
MBBS Universities in UK

The Department of Medical Science in the Oxford University ranks best in student surveys. With several courses ranging from anesthetics, neurology to biochemistry and cardiovascular medicine, this clearly reputed college offers both pre-clinical and clinical courses and makes the leading medical practitioners.

2.) Cambridge University

With the same variety of courses as that offered by Oxford University, Cambridge is well reputed for focusing on its particular research area which is cardiovascular medicine and diabetes.

3.) Edinburgh University’s College of Medicine

With its modern teaching techniques and method, this MBBS College in UK proffers undergraduate students Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery courses. Various other options for postgraduate programs are available as well.

4.) Aberdeen University

Proudly standing as the best college for medicinal studies in Scotland, this university is the fifth oldest MBBS University in UK. Not unlike all other colleges, this too provides several courses under graduate and postgraduate programs.

5.) Medical School of University College, London

Majorly meant for bio medical research, this is amongst the most huge medical universities in UK and stands 1-5 in the country.

MBBS Universities in UK
MBBS Universities in UK

 6.) Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine

Offering a vast variety of undergraduate and post-graduate degree programs, the college has nine academic departments. In 2012, it proudly secured the 2nd place in UK and 3rd in the world rank. It is well reputed for its heart and lung transplant surgery skills.

7.) Glasgow University

It has the largest college area in Europe and focuses on research in cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

MBBS Universities in UK
MBBS Universities in UK

8.) Dundee University
Securing the top rank in UK in 2009, this medical school of UK offers specifically postgraduate degree programs in public health nutrition area.

9.) Newcastle University

In partnership with Dundee University, this university offers a five-year medical degree program. It was the first university in Europe and the second is the world to have received permission to pursue stem-cell research in human embryos.

MBBS Universities in UK
MBBS Universities in UK

10.) University of St. Andrews

With a whopping history of over 600 years of teaching and research, this university offers programs in Health Psychology and Research in Molecular Medicine. Heavy words, eh? It was famous as the “Bute Medical School” until 2010/2011.

MBBS Universities in UK
MBBS Universities in UK

That pretty much sums it all up. I hope this helped in having a deeper idea of the education in UK. Technically, UK offers a lot of scholarships and has amazing quality in terms of education. This is why you must go for UK universities to pursue medical sciences at graduate and postgraduate levels.


Good luck!