Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada

Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada- Among the top most sought after countries to attain higher education is Canada. Canada offers a plethora of graduate and undergraduate courses for students. These courses have an international appeal which makes them attractive to students from all corners of the world. The country offers a rich cultural heritage. Given its top ranking in high quality education, one does not have to search much in order to locate some of the best Post Graduate colleges in Canada.

Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada
Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada

Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada:-

In comparison with US, UK and Australia, Canada is much easily affordable. But that does not mean any compromise on the living standards. Canada has one of the highest living standards in the world and is one of the desirable places to live in. The country has a small population, clean cities and beautiful landscapes. Canada lays utmost importance upon quality education. As a result, post graduate colleges in Canada are many. Canadian colleges stand among the most reputable Post Graduate colleges abroad.

12 Canadian universities were ranked in the Times Higher Education Supplement top 200. There are plenty of great options to make choices from. Among some of the most popular colleges for post graduation are – McGill University, McMaster University, Queen’s University, university of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, York University, University of Western Ontario, university of Waterloo, etc.

There are numerous options of subjects to choose from to study in any given post graduate college in Canada. Here is a list of the top 5 Post Graduate courses that one can pursue in Canada –

  • Business Management – 

After US and UK, Canada is the hot spot for management studies, both domestic and international. The major catch is that other than being well received at the global level, these tuition fee for the MBA courses in Canada are much affordable than US or UK.

  • Health Sciences – 

Health is another sector which is taken with utmost seriousness in Canada. Therefore naturally, the health care education is excellent. The range of healthcare subjects available for study is wide. Canadian college offer ample health sciences and technology programs, some of which are – occupational health and safety, radiation therapy, international healthcare initiatives and population health.

  • Science and Engineering – 

Canadian degrees in science and engineering are well acknowledged in the international job market and international students receive a competitive edge while applying for jobs. A wide range of MSc degree programs include MSc in Engineering in Chemical Engineering, Electrical & computer Engineering, Integrated wood design, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Masters of Engineering Science.

  • Information Technology – 

This is the best time to study IT in Canada. The IT industry is growing at a high pace in terms of creative design and innovation. This gives way to great employment opportunities and a chance to be a part of the innovation. Future of ITians is quite bright in Canada.

  • Hospitality Management – 

With world renowned tourism industry, Canada is a destination with booming hospitality business. The hospitality and tourism colleges in Canada are well equipped with faculty and means to nurture the skills required to work with cruise lines, hotels, airlines, travel companies and the sorts.

Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada
Top 5 Post Graduate Courses in Canada

Some of the other popular post graduate courses in Canada include LLM in General Law, Master of Education, Master of Digital Media, Master of Administration in Leadership, Master of Financial Risk Management and Master of Global Business. Canada provides academic qualifications that are respected around the world. In post graduate colleges in Canada, students not only get to pursue some of the most brilliant courses, but they also get to experience a unique multicultural environment in a beautiful country.