What after Engineering MS or MBA? | MBA or MS Options to Study Abroad for Engineers

What after Engineering MS or MBA- Engineering is one of the most common professions chosen by the youth of our country. Sometimes the choice is theirs and other times it’s an obligation towards parents. Some families follow after their parents, siblings or other relatives. Whatever may be the case, engineering is the commonly chosen career aspect by most science-iz. However, the trend changes when the question ‘what after engineering!’ is raised.

What after Engineering MS or MBA
What after Engineering MS or MBA

What After Engineering MS or MBA?

Nowadays it is not necessary that students follow the same subject that they graduated in. Sometimes they realize that they do not like the stream they had chosen for their graduation and wish to change it. And sometimes a master’s degree in the same field, as that of bachelor’s, is not as beneficial as it would be with a different degree. So there are various options after engineering that can be explored. Students are looking for broader education avenues rather than the conventional options.

In the field of engineering, these days, students don’t blindly choose an MS/M.Tech degree. They put MS vs MBA. In fact this comparison has become so common that most students fall in a dilemma of- What after engineering MS or MBA? In recent years, various business schools have started considering GRE scores for admittance of students. Peer pressure is yet another factor which makes the decision confusing. Salary and future prospects are the deciding factors in most cases.

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Various angles need to be checked for making the right choice when put up against MS vs MBA. Some of the questions that one should ask are:

  • Are you passionate about engineering?
  • Do you want to go into academics in future?
  • Is ‘high salary’ your deciding tool?
  • Which country will you get your masters degree from?
  • Where do you want to settle down?

If one can answer all or most of these questions then the dilemma can be broken down.

What after Engineering MS or MBA
What after Engineering MS or MBA

To make a well educated decision, it is advisable to be aware of the pros and cons of both the sides. Below we have discussed a few pointers which reflect upon the pros and cons of MBA and MS options after engineering.

  • MBA after engineering, in India – 

If you are thinking about following your engineering with an MBA, then by now it is clear to you that you are not very happy with the engineering stream. In that case, MBA right after engineering is an easy route towards a different career path. Various business schools in India take students with good scores in CAT, XAT, MAT etc, irrespective of their academic background.

While it is an easy option, it does not usually pay that well. Placements of MBA students are not very different from that of engineering students. Placements are always an issue when pursuing professional degrees in India.

  • MBA after engineering, from abroad – 

An MBA degree from a well reputed university in USA, UK, Australia, Germany or China is an immediate acceleration in the salary. Also with a degree from abroad, there are more options in terms job as well as the destination that one wants to settle in.

An MBA from abroad, especially from US, is likely to happen only if you have a job experience of at least 3-4 years.

  • MS/M.Tech after engineering – 

This is an excellent choice if you are passionate about your stream. This will be a gateway for research, academic career or various technical roles. There is also promise for a future of invention and creation. In this era of technology, passion for engineering does not go unrewarded.

All the above will not hold true if you are not passionate about your stream. By the time you finish your graduation in engineering, it is time to decide the next step, and if you have realized that science or engineering is not your thing, then it is best to leave it there. Pursuing an MS or M.Tech would be a grave mistake.

  • Job options – 

With an MBA, one is open to various job options. The fact that one carries a background in engineering education promises a good placement, profile and package. One has the option to work in countless sectors of an organization/company and help with the day to day running of the company. This helps one climb up the corporate ladder.

With an MS, the job options are limited to the field of science and technology. How good a job one lands, is dependent of the innovative skills of the individual. There is a demand for trained engineers with relevant post graduate degrees and research. If one has the passion and interest, it can turn into a very fulfilling career option.

What after Engineering MS or MBA
What after Engineering MS or MBA

Ultimately it comes down to what you see yourself doing 10 years down the line. It is important to ask this question because the decisions and choices we make today are responsible for shaping our future. It is also necessary to give due weightage to your interest/passion. Remember that without passion all work will lose its meaning. If money and corporate success is your aim, then an MBA after engineering is the right choice. But if it is innovation and creation in the field of engineering, adding new technology into the world is what you are interested in then you must pursue an MS. So the next time you face the dilemma of MS vs MBA, know that there are various options after engineering; but the question to ask is only one – ‘what do I want from my life?’

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