Which course is best for UK?

We all need stability in our lives. Despite our ethics and principles, everyone wants to work practically- to earn a better and healthy lifestyle. Your career is your utmost priority and you don’t want to see your career sinking into the ocean. Living amidst the competitive world your choices of courses and universities will have a heavy impact on your future.

UK university degrees are the oldest and most popular and well-known all over the world. To create the name one has passed down from generation to generation and creating history. These are known for their par excellence, hard work, core knowledge, high academic standards, comparatively low cost of living and the most important student visa is easier to get than in other countries.

To keep your choices clear, here are some of the best and high demand courses which will make your future bright-

1. MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

You may have heard several times from many people that they have done their MBA from so and so the university of UK. UK stands in the second position for graduation after the US. To enhance your skills in business and management, one needs to opt for MBA.

Masters in Business Admiration helps you to have an overall knowledge of the business. It prepares you to face real-time business challenges through the provided projects and curriculum. In addition to it, applying MBA from abroad will give you wider opportunities. It has several colleges, among which 4 comes in the top 10 globally reputed and acclaimed institutions.

#Best University for MBA – University of Oxford, Oxford UK

2. Law

To start a legal career, a degree in law gives you a perfect platform to showcase your skills. Knowledge in law not only gives you legal skills but also gives you the command in other fields like- analysis, evaluation, research work, communication skills, and power of judgment. In the UK, Law is considered one of the most prestigious and respected profession. The law schools filled you with immense knowledge both in terms of practical and theoretical. You can become a solicitor, consultant, barrister, judge, or work with the legal department with a great salary.

#Best University for Law- University of Birmingham Law School

3. Computer Science

Computer is the future and choosing this field in the UK will give you wings in your career. To gain knowledge in the analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software, and computer hardware Computer Science will help you go through it. These are some best careers and jobs after doing CSE from UK university– Application analyst, Data analyst, Database administrator, SEO specialist, Systems specialist, UX analyst/ UX designer, Technical author.

#Best University for CSE- University of Oxford and Cambridge

4. Medicine and surgery

According to the BBC, nurses and doctors get the utmost amount of respect than in any other profession. Medicine is the study of promoting and protecting the health and illness of a human. This is the only profession I guess which does not work to gain profits but to make a world a hygienic and a healthy place to live.

Jobs directly related to your degree in Medicine include Anaesthetist, Cardiologist, Clinical radiologist, General practice doctor, Hospital doctor, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Pathologist, Surgeon and saves millions of lives. UK universities deal with new technologies and advancements and give you real-time practices in real hospitals.

#Best University for Medicine- University of Oxford and Aberdeen

5. Psychology

A study of your unexplored part of the brain and searching for a reason while your mind performs various activities, to develop your skills for collecting data and analyzing it if you have interest in these then Psychology course in the UK is best for you. You can work as a psychotherapist, social worker, counselor, Human resource manager, consultant, media roles, teacher, and many more It’s one of the most chosen subjects at a degree level and the unemployment rate is also relatively low in the UK which gives more chances to the appliers.

#Best University for Psychology- University of Bath

6. Social Science

Social Science refers to the study of human history, theory, art, culture, music, art, theatre in a social, cultural, environmental, political, and economic context. It also includes languages and literature of a specific country. Learning foreign languages has a great demand for opportunities abroad. You can be a translator of a big company, a teacher, a guide, a trader, a teacher, and many more great opportunities to arrive at your doorstep.

#Best University for Social Science- University of Bradford

7. Sports Psychologist

A very new and rare profession in today’s world but the demand rate is very high. A sport psychologist refers to is a health professional who works as a therapist, a consultant, and an instructor that assists sportsperson from the entire world. To practice this as a profession in the UK, you need to study psychology by the British Psychological Society (BPS). More than 10,000 people opt for this course and becoming a popular course in the region.

#Best University for Sports Psychologist – Brunel University: Sport and Exercise Psychology.

8. Marine Biology

As the name suggests, Marine biology refers to the study of plants, animals, and organisms under the ocean by the Marine biologists. They are very keen on finding the new species and studying sea life such as sharks, whales, different types of plants and organisms. As jobs are limited, competition is tough in this profession.

#Best University for Marine Biology- Bangor University

9. Architecture

It refers to the art of constructing, making, designing, and planning various arts and buildings. The architectures are in high demand in the UK, as the qualified person who has just arrived in the country can get the job within two weeks. There is a high demand for an Architect both in public and private sectors like urban development, interior designing, renovation of the house, construction of buildings, and many more. It’s a bit long process and needs much training, but it’s worth taking it.

#Best University for Architecture- University of Cambridge

10. Education

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, ethics, principles, morals, and beliefs. Education is given and take process. One gives his time to acquire knowledge or one gives the knowledge to acquire wealth. The Graduation Teacher Program in the UK gives you an employment-based teacher training route offering primary and secondary teacher training. After this, you can also apply for post-graduation. You can work as an early teacher, an administrator, a secondary school teacher, a special educational needs teacher, a teaching assistant, a learning mentor, and a primary school teacher.

#Best University for Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE/PGCertEd) – University of Birmingham