Best Countries to Study Abroad

Getting an education overseas is an opportunity many students seek. For those yearning to study abroad there is a question of utmost importance – Which is the best place to study as an international student? Of course, the answer is not the same for everyone and depends on every individual. So, it is very essential to find a destination that is best suited for you and helps you to gain vast experience and a variety of opportunities.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of key destinations for students looking to study abroad in 2020. The list is based on a number of factors.

1. Spain

Spain is recently being considered the number one destination for students studying abroad. From geographical diversity to its wide course offerings, Spain has a lot to offer for everyone. One of the main reasons that students prefer to study and intern in the lively cultures of Barcelona, Madrid Seville, and other urban neighborhoods as it is more affordable as compared to the other countries in Europe.

Along with the wide range of courses offered from history to political science to business to art, you can also enjoy the experience of livelihood in its modern cities while exploring ancient architecture and history. In addition to your coursework, have the opportunity to learn flamenco and Spanish guitar along with experiencing the festivals and the nightlife. If you’re interested in brushing up your skills in the Spanish language, don’t miss out on studying Castilian Spanish.

Popular Study Abroad Programmes:

• IES abroad Madrid: – Language and Area Studies
• Spain Alicante: Spanish language, Linguistic, European, and Gender Studies
• ISA Study Abroad in Sevilla, Spain
• CEA Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

2. Germany

Germany has always been a top recommended destination for students seeking to study abroad. While its reputation for innovation and its position as a leading economic power makes it one of the best places in the world to study science as well as business, but Germany also shows strong potential in the field of humanities.

Germany’s central location made it the heart of European intellectual history in the 19th century and secured its place in world history. Today, students can explore this country’s past and its future for themselves by visiting one of its many world-famous museums, soaking in the arts in Dresden, or hiking through the scenic villages of the Black Forest.

Popular Study Abroad Programmes:

• Germany: Luneburg – German language, European and Sustainability studies
• IES Abroad Berlin – Language & Area Studies
• BCA Study Abroad: Marburg, Germany
• Study Abroad in Berlin, Germany with FUBIS – Winter, and Summer
• Study Abroad in Munich with JYM – Year or Semester

3. Japan

Japan continues to be the top choice for students seeking to study abroad. This country’s innovation combined with its rich history makes it a captivating destination for students of every field. Japan hosts some of the finest STEM programs in the world in addition to highly respected liberal arts colleges that benefit from a long tradition of philosophy and culture.
The locals here are very welcoming, especially to students.

This warm and friendly behavior, along with high-quality food and convenience in transportation and other services, makes your life very comfortable. From culinary to historic experiences, you will have a chance to learn skills and gain experience.

Popular Study Abroad Programmes:

• CIEE Arts + Sciences in Tokyo, Japan
• CIS Abroad – Summer in Tokyo – Seisen University
• IES Abroad Nagoya Summer – Language & Culture
• Japan: Hiroshima – Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
• Study Abroad at Hokusei Gakuen University

4. Italy

A consistent choice to study, Italy’s great hospitality, delicious food, and rich culture continues to draw attention from all over. Home to some of the oldest universities in the world, Italy takes education seriously, allowing students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the fashion and business hub of Milan, the historical treasure trove of Rome, and the agricultural wealth of Siena. Italy has some of the best weather in Europe, making it easy to explore it on free weekends. Whether you are interested in learning the language of Dante and Machiavelli or studying Earth sciences, Italy is the place for you.

Popular Study Abroad Programmes:

• CEA Study Abroad in Florence, Italy
• ISA Study Abroad in Rome, Italy
• SAI Study Abroad at Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy
• Athena Study Abroad Program at LDM-Tuscania
• Liceo M. Fanti Study Abroad Program in Carpi, Italy

5. France

France is consistently one of the top study abroad countries, making it home to different kinds of international students and diverse course offerings. As you pursue studies in biology, business, music, or even wine management in one of France’s many renowned college towns for international students, you will be surrounded by the living history of the country. The country has a strong global influence on society, fashion, arts, food, and science and it provides you with an opportunity to explore in every corner.

Cuisine plays an important role in French society, and you’ll have the opportunity to dine in some of the finest French restaurants. Students can (and should) also take advantage of special discounts that give them access to galleries and other attractions at low rates. France shares borders with six countries, and its location in the middle of Europe makes it a superb choice for students looking to travel widely during their time overseas.

Popular Study Abroad Programs:

• CEA Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France
• IES Abroad Paris – Business & International Affairs
• France: Lyon – French Language, Art History, and Francophone Studies
• API Study Abroad in Grenoble, France
• SAI Programs: Study Abroad at the American University of Paris