scholarships to study in the US
scholarships to study in the US

There are various options to get International scholarships to study in the US. The Government has programs for international students in almost all fields of study. The number of non-government programs to get scholarships to study in the US has also increased with preferences to foreign students. Everyone is allowed to apply for scholarships in most universities but seats available are quite limited. So, it is advised to try as many ways as possible.

Government Funded Scholarships

To Study in the US is expensive and not everyone capable can afford it. The Government of the US encourages foreign students to study there and work in their company. Thus, they have special programs for scholarships to study in the US. One Fulbright Student Program and the other is the Humphrey Fellowship Program.

The first one is applicable for Masters and PH. D degrees only and covers most of the expenses including fees, airfare, health insurance, and accommodation in a non-luxurious setting. The student has to apply well on time to be qualified and get it. The other program provides one year of complete expenses to professional students. The eligibility for the scholarship is quite harsh and only a few students make it. They ensure the student has the will to study with leadership and social qualities which is a must for scholarships to study in the US.

Non- Government sources of Scholarships to Study in US

Getting scholarships to study in the US/Abroad is much cheaper than studying on one own’s expenses. There are various programs in the US where up to $1000 is provided to students who cannot afford and deserve to study in good colleges. Each program has its own specifications and one should understand the guidelines well before applying it. To name some of the programs is Abbey Road Summer Scholarship for language and art studying students only. Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship is given to times in a year to individuals who show a lot of interest and enthusiasm in studying here.

Individuals and parents may be worried about How to get scholarships to study in the US/ABROAD? But if one researches well online and talk to other students it is quite easily possible. There are many choices and the student has to be smart enough to choose the most appropriate one.

Institutions providing Scholarships

There are many big universities that provide scholarships to study in the US. The American University offers undergraduate scholarships to students who deserve and have potential. Then Clark University pays up to $4500 for students who show interest in their courses and have the will to lead and do good in life. Michigan State University and Illinois State University also have many opportunities for funding for foreign students in different subjects.

To get complete guidance in relation to scholarships you can also contact the public relation department of the US embassy that is located in your country. They will be able to guide you correctly as per your requirements.