George Brown College In Canada
George Brown College In Canada

Meta Description: George Brown College In Canada application process is pretty simple and is designed for every student seeking different programs. This article presents you with detailed information about the features of college and the application process.

About George Brown College In Canada:

George Brown College In Canada is a fully accredited college of applied arts and technology and was chartered in 1966 by the Government of Ontario. The college offers a wide variety of programs including business, community service, early childhood education, hospitality and some specialized courses. The best part of this college is the admission process. George Brown College In Canada application process is simple and fast. Students will be helped in understanding the basic steps, earning your credit and financial assistance.

There are few essential things that make George Brown College In Canada stand out from the rest of the colleges:

  1. Real-world work environment: Here are the facilities such as The Chefs’ House and Wave Clinics which help the students to get some real-world work environment.
  2. A helping hand by industry: You are going to work with some leaders of the industries to ensure the skills you develop are the ones that are needed in the industry.
  3. Applied Research: Gain in-depth knowledge about the respective courses through applied research alongside industry professionals.

If you want to apply to this highly professional and technical college, then it is very essential to know George Brown College In Canada Application Process and Deadlines.

How to apply for admission to George Brown College In Canada?

George Brown College In Canada application process for domestic students has a different process. They don’t need to apply to the colleges in which they are interested. Instead, they can apply to all the colleges through (

This means that with the help of one form you can apply for as many as five programs and any three of these programs can be of any one college.

Here is the detailed George Brown College In Canada Application Process:

Step 1: Use the Program Finder tool (, find the programs that seem interesting to you. Another feature allows you to compare the programs using the Program Comparison feature (

Step 2: After you have chosen the program(s) which you want to apply for then fill the online application form at (

  • Please keep in mind that the application fee is $95 which is non-refundable.
  • All the academic documents should be sent to
  • ICAS or WES will be used for the evaluation of all international documents. Send your reports here:, 60 Corporate Court, Guelph, ON, Canada, N1G 5J3.
  • Grades will be transmitted electronically by the school for the high school applicants.

Step 3: All the applicants can easily track their application online at STU-VIEW ( For this, you will need the student ID and password.

After the completion of your application the college will let you know the two things:

  1. If there is any requirement of assessment, interview, or questionnaire and also how to book one.
  2. If you have received an offer for the program, then how to accept it.

How would you get to know what are the George Brown College In Canada Application Deadliness 2018?

Different programs have a different numbers of seats and there are limited numbers of seats. You should know how to read the program status code in order to know whether you can apply or not.

  1. O- Admission Open

This means that the college is still accepting applicants.

  1. C- Admission Closed

This clearly states that no further applicants are accepted.

  1. W- Waitlisted

Applicants in the programs are placed in a waiting list.

  1. S- Suspended

This symbol means that semester 1 of this program has been suspended.

  1. NA- Not Applicable

Semester 1 does not start at this time.

Go to and click on any program to see its full description.