How can I get a Scholarship in France?

France has the most count of students studying from various abroad nations.  With a plethora of reasons to educate here one even has the opportunity to make you finance easy. France Scholarship is a golden scale to students, of international and the citizens.  Simple visa procedures and the list of scholarships and grand are notable. Get to know about some important points to qualify for a Scholarship in France.


There are 3 types of Scholarship for the non-French and the Indian students studying in France. These vary according to the duration, selection and other processes. They are;

  1. French Government Scholarships
  2. Institutional Scholarships
  3. Co-financed/Joint Scholarships

With the French Government scholarship, it is again under classification as;

  • Charpak Scholarship Program-direct application
  • Raman Charpak Fellowship-direct application
  • Eiffel Scholarship-French University

Charpak Scholarship Program

Charpak is applicable if you are a residing Indian and want to pursue an education in France. You are eligible if you lie below 30 at the time of application. The duration of the internship should be from 2 to 3 months (Research Internship Program). The French laboratory’s letter of acceptance to researching is mandatory for the scholarship. Exchange programs do not take into account your final year projects. This scholarship benefits like student housing, medical insurance to 300 euros, and 3 months stipend at €310.

Raman-Charpak Scholarship Fellowship

Raman-Charpak is for the Indian students who are planning to their PhD research in France. The permanent students of France are not applicable for this scholarship. The student should be residing in currently in India. Age below 30 at the time of application is compulsory. If applying the profits include monthly €1500 for fellowship support and one return ticket for the flight. The insurance coverage and extra support for seminars and workshops are an inclusion. Your research proposal is necessary for scholarship selection procedures.

Eiffel Scholarship

The French University scholarships are plenty in number. Depending upon the course chosen and the university selected the processes differs. Check for necessary criteria in the official websites as few scholarships tend to not be under supplementation (Example- Emile-Boutmy Scholarship). There are even notable scholarship offers for music, fine arts, and other cultural forms of education (Example- Krishna Kriti Foundation; Neemrana Music Foundation).

These are the 3 major variations present for Scholarship in France. Many others are in there for French education. Proper surfing and clean requirements for every nation’s candidate will help you get an application for any French scholarship. Best of luck to all the students!