How to Get Admission for MBA in USA?

The Supreme country not just in name, USA is the dream home of many. Students across the globe die to get entry into one of the many prestigious universities that reside within the broad expanse of this country. World-famous and well-respected names like Harvard school of Business, Wharton school of Business, Ivy Leagues colleges all make MBA in USA sound mesmerising.

How to Apply for MBA in USA:

Students start beefing up their resumes from as young an age as class twelve! They focus on their extra-curricular activities, give back to the society so that they have something to say when it comes to social work and make sure they have the top grades. And after such tremendous efforts also, they often fail to obtain admission. So what are the key things one should know to do an MBA in USA?

Eligibility for MBA in USA:

  • Education – All students applying for MBA must have a total of 16 years of academic studies. A lot of countries like Australia, India and New Zealand have universities offering degrees and programs with a duration of three years after high school. Such students have a total of fifteen years of education. They will require one additional year of education. They may enrol in diploma courses or other short term degrees. The recommended course of action for such student is to do a masters degree before pursuing their MBA in USA. In addition, there are other one year courses that might make them eligible.
  • University affiliated one year courses
  • One year masters courses that is marked by an examination in the end
  • Specific certifications like the Indian CA qualification
  • Certifications like ICWA, part time diplomas or professional programs like CA, CFA in some countries might not be accepted by certain MBA schools
  • Independent certifications like NIIT, Aptech and so on are also not accepted generally.
  • Work Experience – While several reputed universities accept freshers, it is recommended to get an experience of at least two years before applying for MBA in USA.
  • Exams like GMAT, TOEFL – Some sort of entrance exam or qualification is a must. The nature of the exam might vary depending on the university you are applying to. GMAT and TOEFL are the two most widely accepted examinations. To get into a good university it is important to score well in these exams.

Application Procedure to get in for MBA in USA:

Applications of Universities differ greatly. However, a few hygiene factors which most of them have are –

  • GMAT, TOEFL scores
  • Past education transcripts
  • Work Experience
  • Essay type questions – achievements, hobbies, statement of purpose
  • LORs (Letter of Recommendation)

It is very important that you avoid lying in questions about your extra-curricular activities or achievements because most applications are followed by interviews where they verify details entered by you. If you fail to provide requisite certifications, your application may be terminated.

Essays are the most important aspect of any application. Having said that you must prepare every other section with utmost care as well! But you do need to put in extra work in your essays.